Shut the gate on intruders


Keeping intruders and their vehicles away from your farm can be a difficult task, especially when cheap cordless and petrol powered grinders can cut through any chain or padlock. Source: Farmers Weekly

But a Cambridgeshire UK manufacturer Tailormade reckons its road blockers are all but impregnable.

Two heavy-duty gates plus a massive 20mm-thick steel flap that rises up from a trench via two top links makes it impossible to get through, says the company’s Alan Rogerson.

It’s powered by a combination of a 12v 200Ah battery and solar power, so there’s no need for mains power, and it can open and close 100 times a day for five days even if there is no wind or sun.

It can also be fitted with a SIM card to allow you to open and close it remotely.

Cost of a 3m unit plus gates is £9400 and most farmers would do their own groundworks to keep costs down.