Silent Force to handle the work

The Manitou group is offering a new “Silent Force” generation of its MLT-X 840 agricultural telescopic handler. Source: AFDJ eNews

New features include innovations in ergonomics, and improved performance thanks to a more powerful engine and greater hydraulic flow.

The 8m model MLT-X 840 has a new speed-sensitive Active CRC boom suspension equipped with activation memory.

A new mechanism called “Regenerative Hydraulics” allows for maximum boom lowering speed at any engine speed and descent due to gravity, 30% quicker cycle time and a 5% fuel saving.

The unused hydraulic power enables the execution of other movements.

In addition, the hydraulic flow of the new model is capable of 200 liters per minute.

The group is also offering an “Intelligent Hydraulics” package for the new “Silent Force” generation combining three new concepts:

  1. “Quicklift”- allows the operator to extend or retract the telescop and lift the boom simultaneously. This is particularly useful for storage operations.
  2. “Bucket shaker”– a new function that shakes the bucket with a single movement of the controls by the operator.
  3. “Return to load” – the machine memorizes the exact initial angle and position of the bucket, enabling the machine to automatically return to the start position in loading operations without any adjustment by the operator.

The soundproofing of the cab has also been optimized with a reduction of six decibels, compared with the previous version of the MLT-X 840 machines making it the quietest cab on the market.

Operator comfort is improved with the inclusion of four additional LED working lights and the electric right-hand side mirror complete with a de-icing feature, giving the operator greater visibility during maneuvers.

The commercial launch of this MLT-X 840 “Silent Force” models is set for the April 2017 with several demonstration machines hitting Australian shores to showcase these innovative machines.