Simplicity 30 Series Air Carts are leading the charge this season

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Since their launch just over 12 months ago, Simplicity Australia’s 30 Series Air Seeders have taken the local market by storm.

Not only are they the largest Seeders Simplicity has ever built, but the current design platform incorporates a number of user-friendly features not previously available on their standard range.

Simplicity Australia Sales Manager Doug Campbell says the 30 Series represents a fresh approach, and is the result of years of development and refinement by Simplicity’s design engineers.

“We are delighted to see the way our customers have responded to the locally designed and manufactured machines,” Campbell said.

Simplicity Australia’s 30 Series Air Seeders are the largest they have ever built with section control as an option on models that include many extra functions to benefit growers now and into the future

With 23 different models already available in the range, with sizes from 14,000 to 30,000 litres, and 10 models with integrated stainless liquid tanks, there are plenty of choices on offer.

The 30 Series comes standard with the proven and reliable ground driven linear actuator variable rate system offering simple and accurate rate control.

The secret to a good calibration is sample size, and the integrated hydraulically driven calibration motor makes this task a breeze.

Exclusive to the 30 Series is Simplicity’s optional section control system.

With the high cost of crop inputs, it is no doubt that section control offers broadacre growers the opportunity to save a significant amount of money by reducing overlap and minimising double application.

Based upon the ground driven system, and maintaining a simple mechanical link between the drive wheel and each individual metering spool, the system provides reliable speed-relative rate control.

When the section is deactivated, the drive is simply disengaged.

Another notable advantage of Simplicity’s section control is an automatic air damping system that reduces the amount of air running through air lines when a section cuts off, ensuring an even flow of air remains in the active hoses.

This system automatically pressurises the line when the section activates again.

Simplicity metering unit
Simplicity’s metering spools are the most accurate in the business. Set in pairs, each spool offers an individual control and monitoring system, or they can also be linked to operate together when required

Each of the stainless steel sectional metering units have a large observation window to clearly observe the operation.

In addition, there is an adjustable spool cover that allows the operator to easily adjust the amount of clearance when changing between canola, cereals and coarse seeds such as beans or other pulses.

A simplified single-sided drive system was developed for this range, providing more room under the bins for maintenance and inspection.

Up front, there is the option on some models for a 1500-litre Small Seeds Box, suitable for handling product from bulk commodity bags.

The small seeds metering unit has been upgraded to include an observation window and swing-away bottom door.  Section control is also available as an option on the small seeds.

On top of the bins, handrails have been significantly improved, allowing clear access for filling augers over the top of the bin fill zone, while maintaining operator safety.

Ease of access has also been improved with wider platforms and ladder treads.

Bin lids can be operated remotely from the ground while a bin fill indicator system alerts the operator when to shut off the filling auger. Access to the top of the bin has also been updated to include retractable stairs leading to a single-sided walkway that leaves one side open for easy fill access

Another advantage of the 30 Series is the electrically operated bin lids, allowing the operator to open and close the lids from ground level.

Convenient bin fill indicator lights notify the operator when the bins are almost full.  These are adjustable to suit fill speed.

Lighting has been significantly upgraded with additional LED work lights making operating at night much safer.

Not only are Simplicity Australia’s 30 Series Air Seeders the largest they have ever built, they are also packed with additional functions.

Simplicity’s new section control will benefit every grower as it builds upon their long proven and reliable metering system with additional functions and zero compromise.

Simplicity seeding bars and carts are made in Dalby Qld, and have a reputation for exceptional build quality and ease of use.

For more details contact your nearest Simplicity dealer on tel: 07 4660 6000 or see the full range at:


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