simplicity offers a timely guide to air seeder maintenance

Simplicity reminds growers to undertake some simple checks before the season gets underway It won’t take long to and it could save having a costly and time consuming breakdown
Starting with the wheels. Inspect the wheel bearings, grease if necessary and check tension

Simplicity Australia believes many of us would be familiar with the quote “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

And whilst it is often incorrectly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, it is still relevant today, particularly in regard to getting ready for planting.

Simplicity want to advise growers that spending the time with pre-season maintenance and seeder setup, will not necessarily be able to guarantee a problem free run, but it will result in a smoother seeding operation overall.

There is much to be said about greasing, and to be fair it probably could be a stand-alone article. There are some key points to focus on.

1.More is not always better – Over greasing shortens bearing life.

Too much grease can cause excessive friction, or pressure buildup when operating, blowing seals, and allowing dirt to contaminate the bearing.

2.Despite their convenience, cordless electric grease guns make it very easy to over grease a bearing, and extreme caution needs to be exercised when using one.

3.There is more than one type of grease, select the correct product for the application, and check compatibility with existing grease.

Bin lid seals and metering unit window seals needs to be checked to ensure they are clean, soft and free from damage


Starting with the wheels. Inspect the wheel bearings, grease if necessary and check tension.

Check wheel stud tension and these can be easily marked with a paint pen for quick checks during seeding.

Tyre condition needs to be checked, and also confirm tyre pressures.

Check the main drive chain for wear and replace if necessary and also check that the retaining bolts on the clutch are secure.

Inspect the wiring to the clutch for damage or wear. Check that the main drive shaft is in good condition and lubricate the universal joints if necessary.

The gearbox oil levels should be checked. However in most cases unless there is a visible leak they should always contain the correct amount of oil.

Simplicity’s metering spools are easy to check as they are set in pairs, with each spool offering an individual control and monitoring system

The angle drive “T” Boxes should only be filled to a quarter of full (halfway between the base and the filler plug).

Zeromax drives should only be filled to the mid-point of the upper most shaft.

Over filling these boxes should be avoided, as it can cause pressure build up and this will cause the seals to leak.

For any airseeder, performance is reliant on the entire air system working correctly.

For the blower, check that the oil cooler is clear of debris and that the blower suction hose is intact and secure.

Replace the hydraulic oil filter on the blower block at the start of each season.

Inspect the rest of the air system for blockages from rodent nests etc. Also check the condition of the rubber seals inside the camlock couplers.


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