Simplicity Territory maximises trash flow

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Simplicity has targeted precision seed depth control into heavy stubble with its latest tillage release, the Territory parallelogram

Simplicity Australia has been manufacturing simple and reliable tillage equipment suited to the rigours of Australian agriculture for almost 40 years.

Their very latest addition to the range is the Territory. A ground following parallelogram tine planting unit.

Simplicity has targeted precision seed depth control into heavy stubble with its latest tillage release, the Territory parallelogram

Trash, what trash

Designed from the ground up, the Territory planter unit has heavy stubble clearly in its sights. Underframe clearance is a market leading 800mm when operating, with a cavernous 530mm between the ground and the lower parallel link arm.

The 102-degree angle of tine shank is optimised to strike the perfect balance between trash flow, low draught and digging ability.

Each unit glides independently over ground contours, maintaining the correct engagement angle over 450mm of vertical travel.

This gives the unit an unsurpassed ability to handle deep wheel tracks, formed beds, or working over large contour banks. A simple and clearly indexed depth adjustment system on the presswheel allows for 6mm increments of precision depth control.

Strong but Flexible

Strength and flexibility are also a key feature of the Territory unit. Until now, side load has been a major issue for all parallel tine units. These forces destroy pins and bushes and lead to constant and expensive maintenance programs.

Simplicity has engineered their link arms with the necessary scale to flex when side load is applied, and large, low friction polyethylene pads have been installed to transfer the operational forces across pivot points.

This significantly reduces wear and tear, and ultimately reducing the long-term maintenance costs of operation.

Power with Balance

The Territory can maintain a breakout pressure of up to 700 psi, without using an active hydraulic circuit, due to balanced dual accumulator system.

In consistent conditions, this can be a simple set and forget system, however with a flick of a switch the operator has the ability to increase or dump system pressure on the go.

An ingenious cam system in the headstock also allows for balancing the packing pressure whilst maintaining maximum breakout.

Easy Care   

The high lift frame provides comfortable and easy access to the Territory units.  Inspection and replacement of points and boots can done from a comfortable standing position.

The Territory has also virtually eliminated the daily lubrication schedule, with a sealed press wheel hub and only two grease nipples per unit requiring weekly attention.

Your Simplicity, Your Way

A wide range of tooling options is available for the Territory, and options for single or double shoot, or paired row readily available with or without liquid injection.

Road Show

Simplicity Australia will be hosting a number of field demonstrations of the Territory across Southern and Western Australia in the coming weeks.

See the Territory in action for yourself at Longerenong Ag College, Longerenong Vic on Friday 8 March from 12:30pm.

Check for a demo road show in your area or request more information on the Territory by calling Simplicity on 07 4660 6000 or see their website at