Sonic Boomsprays of WA are large scale specialists

Sonic Boomspray
The Sonic Boomsprays 13045TRS trailed sprayer is in strong demand with its heavy-duty local build and 13,000-litre spray tank capacity.

With Sonic it’s all about the build quality and massive volume.

Sonic Boomsprays is based in the wheatbelt town of Narembeen in the grain growing districts of central WA. The company has more than two decades of experience in the local manufacture of boom spraying equipment for large scale growers and contractors. During this time the Sonic brand has become known for its strong and reliable build.

Sonic continually add technical advancements as they become available and as a result their boomsprays are renowned for the ability to spray large areas in the shortest time possible.

Sonic Boomspray
Operators appreciate the easy-to-use plumbing on Sonic sprayers with suction and pressure hose taps that are well laid out and are all clearly identified with UV-resistant vinyl labels.

Attention to operator safety has been a strength of Sonic from the start. Machines are provided with a safety kit, an air lance for cleaning filter screens, detergent and 35-litres of hand and eye wash water, a nozzle brush and holder, a grease gun holder, a dust and waterproof toolbox, and taps on all filters to stop siphoning while cleaning. In addition, most spray functions are operated from the tractor cab.

As a manufacturer, Sonic Boomsprays is aware of the environmental impact of spray drift and fits low drift nozzles as standard on all its models.

Sonic can supply the Airmatic Airjet system which incorporates air into the spray with a large volume air compressor and this gives the operator full control of the droplet size from the cab of the tractor. This system is proven and ideal for where control of spray drift is a major concern.

Sonic models come with a comprehensive range of standard features, and the exclusive use of high-quality stainless steel fittings, which makes the machines compatible for use with liquid nitrogen applications.

To manage all terrain conditions there are several types of suspension available. Either a single axle airbag, tandem sprung suspension, or the award-winning tandem steering system with optional braking.

Sonic Boomsprays builds one of the world’s biggest capacity sprayers, the Ultra Sonic 13045TRS.

This model has a 13,000-litre capacity spray tank with a 45.5m (150ft) boom (or optional 48.5m (160ft) boom), and can cover 1500ha a day, the equivalent of 125 hectares per hour.

Sonic has been fitting Rota-moulded tanks for many years with excellent results and has taken that success up a notch with a projected coverage of 270ha per tank at 50litres/ha.

Growers and large-scale contractors will appreciate the convenience of the 13045TRS being loaded and ready to go with chemicals to cover a 270ha area without stopping.

The 13045TRS comes standard with BPW Transpec rear and front steer triaxle suspension that is ideal for up and back spraying. Its parabolic spring system gives a smooth ride whether fully loaded or with an empty tank.

High on the order list for the 13045TRS is the Airmatic Airjet Nozzle control system. This system gives the operator complete control of the droplet size from the cab.

The optional Airmatic system allows the operator to choose droplet size from Very Fine to Very Coarse at the touch of a button. The chosen droplet size will be maintained regardless of water rate or speed travelled.

This ability provides for the application of fungicides at high pressure/high water rates and herbicides at low pressure/low water rates without changing nozzles.

Couple this with Sonic’s 13045TRS advanced design and you have a sprayer that will perform well under tightly regulated spraying conditions.

Contact Sonic Boomsprays for season orders on tel: 08 9064 7199, fax: 08 9064 7191, or email:

Visit the Sonic website at to find a dealer near you.







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