Sonic Predator has the power to tackle the big jobs with ease

Sonic Predator 300 Series models boast a powerful 260kW (304hp) Cummins engine, a 7300-litre tank and boom widths out to an immpressive 48.5m (160ft)

Sonic Boomsprays is a family owned and operated company that can lay claim to building the largest capacity self-propelled sprayers in the country.

Based in the heart of the Western Australian wheatbelt in Narembeen, the company offers two mammoth capacity sprayers with its Predator 300 Series, the Predator 300 7036SP and the Predator 7045SP, both with a 7300-litre product tank.

The 7036SP runs a 45.5m (150ft) spray boom, while the 7045SP can stretch that even further to a 48.5m (160ft) boom.

Both models promise exceptional productivity with the ability to work at a pace that can see them cover up to 1250 hectares in a day, while spraying at a rate of 30 to 40-litres/ha and running at 30kph.

Best of all, to achieve this result the Predator is only using between 0.3 and 0.4 litres of fuel per hectare.

Sonic Boomsprays’ designer, Max Hebbermann, is passionate about building the best broadacre sprayers possible by keeping up with ever-changing technology and evolving farming practices.

“Everything we do is predicated on achieving maximum efficiency,” Max said. “And if you’re efficient, you’re productive.”

Power for the Predator models is delivered by a 260kW (304hp), 9-litre Cummins engine that runs through an Alison four-speed automatic transmission, with a two-speed Marmon Herrington transfer case.

In addition, both front and rear axles feature Meritor Air Shift locking differentials. Fuel capacity is a generous 570-litres.

Transport speed comes at a blistering 70kph with a working speed of up to 40kph travelling comfortably on an air bag suspension with either 480/80 R50 tyres or 650/85 R38 flotation tyres.

With a 4WD mechanical driveline, the Predators are ready and willing to tackle most any paddock conditions with maximum reliability.

Along with their 7300-litre rota moulded main tank, both Predators are equipped with a 360-litre flush tank.

The Crenlo cab is custom built for the Sonic Predator and is a brand can be found on many world class self-propelled machines and offers great all round vision

Product is delivered to the spray boom via a hydraulic-driven Hypro 9305C, 51mm (2-inch) pump.

Spray booms come standard with five sections and offer hydraulic lift and fold. Wingtip breakaways are in place to prevent damage to the boom.

A wet line sprayline with triplex Airmatic AirJet nozzles delivers chemical to the target crop and prevents product drift even in conditions that might prevent other sprayers from operating.

“The Airmatic system has been an integral part of our trailed boomsprayers for many years now and we’ve seen how efficient they are,” Max said.

To further enhance in-paddock efficiency, the Predator system is compatible with optional guidance products from Topcon, Green Star or Trimble.

Operators will appreciate the Predator’s Crenlo cab with its uninterrupted, 360-degree view and an eight-way adjustable air ride seat with a floating console to make it extremely comfortable for long shifts.

Sonic machines are also well-known for their user-friendly controls that make getting up and running a simple process even for inexperienced operators.

According to Max Hebbermann, the simple mechanical drive system of the Predator makes it very efficient and reliable at getting power to the ground as well as making it extremely fuel efficient.

“A mechanical drive system allows for higher road speeds compared to hydrostat-driven machines,” Max said.

“This greatly reduces travel time between jobs, so you can spend more time generating dollars and less time out of the paddock.”

The Predator’s warranty covers one year or 1000 hours for the cab and chassis, two years or 2000 hours for the Cummins Engine and three years or 2500 hours for the Allison Transmission.

For more information on a current Sonis model or special build, call Max Hebbermann direct on tel: 08 9064 7199 or go to


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