This RoGator 1100C with a smart drive system cuts back on operator input and improves spray accuracy

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Busy NSW contractor Greg Younghusband praises the strength and reliability of Croplands RoGators to get the job done for his busy operation

NSW spraying contractor Greg Younghusband is shown here with his latest RoGator 1100C armed with a 36m (120ft) boom and a 4163-litre product tank that works with the Smart Drive system for optimum spray management

NSW spraying contractor Greg Younghusband runs a fleet of self-propelled sprayers to fulfill his contracts to spray some 42,000 hectares of crop land around his Curban base in the Gilgandra region.

Getting to farms in a 250km radius of home and with the need to spray crops up to five or six times a year, Greg needs strong and reliable machines and to him that means the RoGator.

He has a RoGator 1300A, two RoGator 1300Bs and a Spra-Coupe 7660 in his shed and most recently purchased the latest RoGator 1100C with a 36.5m (120ft) boom.

The 1100C brings with it a 4,163-litre tank and the power of an 8.4-litre AGCO Power diesel delivering 232kW (315hp).

It also comes equipped with a new Smart Drive system that links the sprayer management system (TMS) and drive functions, so no operator input is needed.

The TMS controls both engine RPMs and hydrostatic drives for efficient operation in even the most undulating of country.

RoGator C Series booms are equipped with a LiquidLogic recirculation system that provides continuous circulation to help eliminate nozzle blockages and improve spray accuracy and efficiency by creating consistent pressure across the boom

Greg sources his sprayers through Croplands and since 2009 he has 10 Croplands sprayers, primarily RoGators.

“I have had them for a fair while,” Greg said. “The first one I had was a RoGator 1286 and then I got the 1300A.

“I usually try to get 8000 hours out of them, but now I think we will push them out past 10,000 hours or until they wear out.

“We just know how to run RoGators and they are a very strong machine.”

Greg says while the RoGators are not perfect, they have proven to be very reliable.

“Croplands has made massive improvements with the 1100C series. I don’t expect to have problems with hoses and the undercarriage is a big improvement.

“There are guys out there who would say other brands are comparable, but I doubt any of them would say their gear is better. You can find faults in them all, but in my experience, Croplands has the most reliable gear.

“The bit I am looking for is the strength in the design and the RoGator booms are very strong. We give them absolute punishment and they handle it.”

Greg says he drove the new RoGator 1100C for 250 hours in one fortnight recently and he didn’t get tired.

With his fleet of sprayers, Greg has half a dozen different sized booms to meet the varied needs of his clients.

“We started out with little Brumby booms and built out from there.”

Greg and his wife Gai-Maree farm at Curban with their two daughters. The farming operation produces grain on 2100 hectares (5189-acres).

They lease the cropping ground from Greg’s father, Neville, who oversees the day-to-day running of the farm when Greg is away with his contracting work.

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