Stara moves from bit player to starring role

The Stara Imperador 3 is a large capacity sprayer designed with a mid-chassis boom placement – it can be set up as a granular spreader, a liquid sprayer, and offer a pneumatic seed function

This Brazilian-built self-propelled multitasking machine is the result of combining a granular spreader and a liquid sprayer — with a pneumatic seed function for cover crops thrown in for good measure.

In this hybrid version, the polyethylene liquid tank holds 2400-litres. While the stainless steel granular tank holds 3000kg armed with double-slide gates and a rubber conveyor.

Spray boom length, fertiliser spread width and cover crop seeding width are available in either 27 or 30m (88 or 99ft). This ensures the same tracks are followed in all three modes.

The boom is centred in the middle of the wheelbase so that it’s more stable working in rough terrain.

Introduced by Brazilian manufacturer Stara, the hybrid Imperador 3 was evolved to meet the demands of South American farmers who are renowned for extracting the most out of their machinery investment.

With a single switch you can reset the machine for spraying, spreading granular fertiliser or blowing on seed for cover crops.

The machine is ideal for regions that grow two crops a year but also for very short season single crop regions. In the same day you can shift from spraying in the crop for weeds and then move to spreading fertiliser in another crop.