Lely Astronaut A5 offers stress-free cows

Its all part of a days work in the spacious surrounds of a Lely Astronaut A5 shed environment where the cows roam freely waiting for their turn in one of the comfortable milking boxes

Lely set out to create the ultimate milking process and did just that working with over 30 large customers and testing across more than two million milkings – the end result was the  Astronaut A5 milking robot that offers flawless operation under any conditions

When Lely very first revealed their Astronaut A5 milking robot at the Future Farm Days in 2018, it was obvious we were witnessing a new milestone in milking.

The A5 system was at the time a culmination of dairy farmer feedback from around the world.

The design team took into account how the cows and machines interacted and the feedback from many farmers led to the creation of a system that combines proven automatic milking principles.

Lely added into that build an unmatched reliability when compared to any previous system, and for good measure added ease of use and cost efficiency.

The Astronaut A5 milking robot was born through this process and for its users now means stress free milking for both the farmer and their cows.

What Lely set into place with the Astronaut A5 milking robot was also a milestone in cow comfort.

Lely engineers said at the time, “We feel that healthy and stress-free cows mean more milk in the tank.

It has been proven that cows feel comfortable and perform well with free cow traffic, the I-flow concept and spacious milking boxes.”

The hybrid arm instantly follows the cow’s every movement during milking, and remains close to the udder, it quickly corrects itself in the case of any unexpected movement

Lely engineers were confident they had the perfect formula with the A5, for ultimate cow comfort.

Part of this was due to the new hybrid arm that was silent, faster, energy efficient and more accurate than anything offered previously, and as a consequence resulted in more consistent milking.

The arm instantly followed the cow’s every movement during milking, and remained close to the udder, it quickly corrects itself in the case of any unexpected movement.

This ensures a fast and more thorough milking process, even with heifers.

With the new Teat Detection System (TDS), it improved post-milking teat spraying by pre-scanning the udder before spraying, ensuring optimal udder hygiene and limiting the risk of contamination.

Then the Lely engineers turned their attention to dairy workers.

Contentment and apparent unrushed comfort on a scale never though possible is measured in more consistent results

They redesigned the interface to be more user intuitive. This made automatic milking easy to understand at every stage and for everybody in the shed.

From a cow’s first milking to everyday maintenance, all relevant information is available on one single page.

Instant actions, such as feed allocation, cow-specific routing and daily maintenance tasks are just one click away.

The Astronaut A5 is designed to deliver top-level usability, accessibility and serviceability.

To make sure dairy farmers would obtain instant benefits when they purchased an Astronaut A5 milking robot, engineers set out to achieve a significantly lower total cost each kg of milk produced.

In their quest for a completely redesigned system, Lely set into motion an extensive worldwide test program.

With over 30 large customers on board, more than 2 million milkings, across an expansive temperature range was tested to ensure flawless operation under any circumstances.

In all tests, detergent and water consumption were lowered and energy use was reduced by up to 20%.

Upgrades to ensure quick and easy maintenance and the use of high-quality components also result in a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

Along with improved efficiency, the highly reliable, maintenance-friendly design of the Astronaut A5 has achieved an unrivalled saving on investment.

Lely’s Astronaut A5 milking robot with its energy efficient and accurate silent arm

The Astronaut A5 milking robot is also compatible with the A4 model and fits Lely’s vision of making farmers lives easier, working with the ultimate milking machine.

Alexander van der Lely from Lely had this to say at the launch of the Astronaut A5, “Milking a cow has never been so easy and comfortable for the farmer and the cow.

“The Astronaut A5 contributes to our aim of making the lives of farmers easier, their business more successful, and opening up a bright future for them and their families.

“That is why we listened to farmers throughout product development, and thoroughly tested Lely’s Astronaut A5 with farmers all over the world.

“As with all our products, it is the farmers who will ultimately determine how successful the Astronaut A5 will be.” added Alexander.

From its official launch in 2018, when Lely introduced this milestone in milking, the Lely Astronaut A5 has been installed on thousands of dairy farms worldwide.

Lely gathered together a range of farmers’ experiences in some unique video footage to show how the Astronaut A5 has helped countless dairy operations.

This has been highlighted with improved profit levels that have come through efficiencies in milk collection and subsequent cost savings.

Take a look at how the unique Astronaut A5 milking robot has helped dairy operations Worldwide by viewing the videos at: https://www.lely.com/au/milestone/

To discuss the change-over to an Astronaut A5 system for your operation, contact Lely Australia on tel: 0438 568 155 or email lelyaus@lely.com


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