Supreme feed mixers offer performance, simplicity and reliability

Supreme 900T feed mixer
The Supreme 900T has a 20.7 cubic metre capacity (or 23.8 with the tub extension) and will take a payload of 10,886kg. It requires PTO power of 97kW (130hp) to drive.

Vertical feed mixer manufacturer Supreme stakes its reputation on producing highly reliable machines thanks to their simple and robust designs.

The company says one of the most common enquiries it encounters is the difference between a vertical processor and a horizontal mixer. Its answer is that one is simply a feed mixer, while the other is a feed processor.

Horizontal mixers require pre-processed commodities, and then proceed to blend a TMR ration. Vertical processors are capable of processing commodities such as whole forage or silage bales to the desired length of the producer.

Another key difference is the number of moving parts on a horizontal feed box as compared to a vertical processor. Instead of chains and sprockets to drive multiple reels and paddles, verticals rely on planetaries and vertical augers. By keeping its designs simple and robust, Supreme says its vertical processors ensure that the end user will experience far less down time and maintenance requirements.

Supreme vertical processors are designed to have fewer wear points and a simplicity that gives hassle free maintenance. While other vertical and horizontal mixers may find ways to cut corners or reduce cost, Supreme says it focuses on quality and craftsmanship.

Supreme 400T
The Supreme 900T has a 9.1 cubic metre capacity (or 10.7 with the tub extension) and will take a payload of 4536kg. It requires PTO power of 45kW (60hp) to drive.

The tub is designed with sloped walls so feed will slide easily from the top to the floor. Because of the slope there is enough space between the edge of the auger flighting and the tub wall which creates a fast-moving volcanic action. Supreme’s mixing tubs have been carefully designed for easier loading, better mixing and longer life.

The unobstructed opening facilitates loading of whole bales, regardless of type or size. Thorough mixing is assured because there are no restrictions or dead spots that can hamper material flow in the cutting and mixing process.

As a result, material won’t grind or tear apart against the sidewalls or in the corners, preserving the quality of your feed.

Finally, by eliminating corners, pressure and wear-points on the machine are eliminated, greatly prolonging the life of the unit.

At the heart of a Supreme processor is Supreme’s patented vertical auger design, which delivers excellent performance with even the most difficult materials yet requires less power to operate than other vertical mixers.

Owners can process all types, sizes and combinations of bales without the need to pre-shred, pre-process, or break up roughage prior to loading.

The free-standing vertical auger features four patents that are instrumental in separating the performance of the Supreme from other vertical mixers. The uniform and wider flighting allows more feed to carry up through the centre of the auger to the top.

As the auger rotates, it moves feed from the centre of the auger outward towards the walls, creating a volcanic effect.

The specially angled top cutting knife promotes the rapid breakdown of larger bales. At the same time the kicker plate directs material to the centre of the auger, which has a cylindrical design to efficiently move all materials from the bottom of the tub to the top.

A cutaway section on the auger allows feed to fall from the top to the bottom of the tub. These combined features provide quick and gentle blending of all materials in the tub.

Supreme International manufactures single, twin and triple auger processors with sizes ranging from 7 to 53 cubic metres.

Unlike other vertical mixers that use smaller single stage planetary drives, Supreme uses the heaviest two-stage planetary drive available. Combined with a heavy-duty gearbox, this robust system rotates the auger through the toughest of materials.

This simple design features few moving parts with no chains, sprockets or countershafts to worry about.

Each Supreme machine is built to order with a large variety of options available, ensuring each customer gets a unit that is designed to meet their specific needs.

For more information contact local distributor Forbes Machinery Centre on tel: 02 6852 3211.


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