Syngenta Group records strong 6 months sales revenue of US$12.04 billion

The newly formed Syngenta Group delivered a strong first half year performance with Group sales just over US$12.0 billion with all four business units recorded underlying sales growth when compared to results prior to the merger.

Across 6 months, Syngenta Crop Protection accounted for the bulk of sales with US$5.477 billion, then followed ADAMA with US$2 billion in sales, then Syngenta Seeds US$1.62 billion, while Syngenta Group China recorded US$3.35 billion, with the balance being adjustments and write-downs.

For the various regions, in the Asia Pacific sales were up 12% with strong sales registered in Australia following improved weather conditions and there was continued momentum in India.

The next best improved regional performance came from Latin America where sales grew 10% and maintained the positive momentum in the region.

Then followed Europe, Africa and the Middle East where sales were 5% with a solid performance in the region despite dry weather in North-West Europe.

And while one of the biggest regions for sales volume, in North America sales only increased by 4% due to cold weather and excessive rain in the second quarter.

For an expanded report use this link (Syngenta Group 6mth revenue).

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