T-L Irrigation GPS Navigation Linear System

T-L Irrigation, exclusive manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot irrigation systems, has introduced its GPS Navigation Linear System. Source: AFDJ eNews

The GPS Navigation Linear System is the ultimate in design simplicity featuring Real Time Kinematic (RTK) sub-inch accuracy, the package includes the base station, eliminating the need for a subscription.

The system tracks multiple constellations reducing the signal loss caused by tree lines and other obstacles, and there is no electronic interference from power lines.

The GPS Linear system can store up to four (4) different paths for T-L Towable Ultra Linear Systems or T-L Pivoting Linears. It can also store up to nine (9) intermediate waypoints if needed

Operators get fast start up time (less than one minute), and real-time diagnostics so they can monitor the system’s performance. Safety is assured through low voltage DC(24VDC), and there is no buried wire, above ground cable or furrows with their associated installation costs.

Combined with T-L’s continuous movement, low maintenance and reliability of T-L’s exclusive hydrostatic design, the GPS Navigation Linear System represents the optimum in Linear System management.