Tiny ants are experts when it comes to hitchhiking across the planet

A study into improving biosecurity for unintentionally introduced species has involved recording 146,000 instances of ant stowaways They might be tiny, but a recent study has found that ants are no small fry when it comes to hitching a human-assisted ride to different pockets of the globe. A team of scientists from Australia, Japan and […]

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions says its time to address threatened species

The release of the State of the Environment Report indicates it’s time to double down on pests and weeds says Centre for Invasive Species Solutions The ongoing survival of Australia’s threatened species is under ever increasing pressure from feral animals and weeds. “Australia is facing a Code Red moment”, said Mr Andreas Glanznig, Chief Executive […]

Trust has the objective of launching more action against invasive species

Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley today launched a new philanthropic trust that will strengthen efforts to protect Australia’s native plants and animals, and agricultural landscapes from the spread of invasive pests and weeds. “As someone with a deep appreciation and love for the Australian environment I am delighted, not only to be the first patron […]

The total cost of farm pests and invasive species tops $390 billion

With that cost likely to rise unless better investments, reporting and coordinated interventions are introduced In just the last 60 years alone, deliberately or accidentally introduced invasive species has cost the farm economy almost $360 billion, a new analysis has revealed. While feral cats are the single-most costly individual species, costs arising from the management […]

The Invasive Species Council says Federal intervention needed to protect Kosciuszko

The Invasive Species Council has reported federal environment minister Sussan Ley has written to her NSW counterpart about her intention to use national environmental law to compel action to remove feral horses from Kosciuszko. According to the Invasive Species Council, Minister Ley informed NSW environment and energy minister Matt Kean that she intends to issue […]