Farmers walk out on Agriculture Minister’s Federal budget breakfast speech that angered NFF and other farm industry representatives

The most invisible Federal agricultural minister to date, Murray Watt, has a spotlight firmly on his future intentions following a post-budget breakfast that hosted the National Farmers’ Federation and other industry representatives to grind down what was in store for agriculture. But when Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt got to the part about banning live […]

RIC Act offering $4.075 billion loans to farm and farm-related small businesses under review

Farmers and agribusinesses will have the chance to provide feedback on the products and service delivery of the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) and the effectiveness of concessional loans through an upcoming independent statutory review. Assistant Secretary Andrew O’Sullivan said the review of the Regional Investment Corporation Act 2018 (RIC Act) would be a chance to […]

Budget tax hit on farmers will seep into every household

Farmers and regional Australian residents will initially feel the most sting from the Federal Budget but that will also extend to city dwellers in due course It’s always a two-way split when a budget is announced, there are the Collins and Pitt Street cockies that are cocooned in warm velvet surroundings with a drop of […]