Tenpack continue to take home first prize for bale handling

For the past 20 years a strong alliance has bolstered the relationship between the fully Australian owned and operated company Tenpack P/L and the American manufacturer of the hay handling equipment that Tenpack sells and promotes, Steffen Systems. Not only do these two companies share the passion of getting it right the first time, they are also great mates and family friends.

Tenpack P/L has seen the need for professional equipment built strong, cleverly designed and most of all simple and easy to use. All of the Steffen Systems machinery is unique to its designer and are in no way whatsoever a copy or a rip off of someone else’s design.

From the simple opposing operating direction of the bale teeth on the Hay Grabs, right through to the high density presses that compress hay for export. Individual ideas that are engineered and crafted into very clever equipment that offer unique operating functions to achieve optimum productivity is apparent across all Steffen Systems hay handling equipment.

Tenpack P/L is very proud to offer Steffen Systems equipment into the local hay market. They take pride in showcasing Steffen Systems at the Elmore and district Machinery Field days each year and have exhibited there for the past 15 years. Over this time they have expanded their site and along the way been awarded the Life Governor’s Award for the best overall exhibit four times.

Not bad when you are up against the big corporates who try to have the controlling market share. Check out the Tenpack website at www.tenpack.com.au or come and see Tenpack’s full product display at the Elmore field Days site 1324, on from Tuesday the 3rd until Thursday 5th October 2017.

For a detailed product summary contact Tim at Tenpack anytime on tel: 0419 136 383, fax: 03 5432 2344, or email to: tim@tenpack.com.au