Tesla tows its weight on the farm

The Tesla Model X is not your average electric vehicle and we’re not only talking about the Falcon Wing doors or the fact that it’s a SUV capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Source: Electrek

It’s also the first electric vehicle with a decent towing capacity. While most people are using the towing capacity to tow boats or trailers, some are finding more out-of-the-box ways to use the vehicle.

You wouldn’t think that someone would take a US$100,000 car and use it off-road for what is basically farm work, but that’s pretty much exactly what Anton Bauer is using his Model X for on his vineyard in Austria.

I have heard of wine tours in a Model X before, but using the vehicle directly on a vineyard is new.

Anton uses his Model X 90D to do work that would generally be done using a tractor in the same setting – turning his Model S into a tractor that doesn’t use a drop of gas.

He released a video last month but it’s a bit hard to watch at times since we are talking about a US$100,000 vehicle being used off-road brushing against branches, but at least he is getting a lot out of the vehicle.

The Model X is the first all-electric vehicle that can tow a significant weight. When configured with 22″ wheels, the Model X can tow 3500 pounds and when configured with 20″ wheels, the towing capacity of the SUV increases to 5000 pounds, according to Tesla.

Anton says that he is using 19″ Tesla cyclone wheels with Pirelli scorpion winter tires, which are usually used by Tesla for the Model S, not the Model X.