The Pillar Disc-Tine double shoot planter is ideal for heavy stubble

Pillar is a planter that has been welcomed by many growers across the globe for its ability to be set as either a disc or tine drill, and is now available for local growers to add into their cropping operation

With the release of the Pillar seed bar with its unique Disc Hoe hybrid opener growers have the advantage to set the unit as either a disc or tine drill.

Specialist condition growers will find this combination planter is especially designed to place the seed and fertiliser through a single opener in a one pass operation.

The Canadian made Pillar is now distributed by Beulah Machinery and the company has found this unique drill it is best placed onto farms that run heavy residue cropping programs.

The Pillar design takes into account the best aspects of a disc drill from where you expect ensured seed placement, along with high speed residue handling ability, and those qualities are mixed with the best aspects of a tine drill – operating a no hairpin seed boot.

What is also unique to the Pillar is that it achieves soil disturbance and this allows growers to use a pre-emergent like Treflan to combat weeds to good effect in their cropping program.

The final solution is the Pillar. A double shoot, single disc drill that is made to manage heavy residue and provide effective deep fertiliser banding below and off to the side of the seed line.

The DH-40 Series was the first Pillar Disc Drill released in 2008. It ran a 3-plex toolbar with parallel lifting sub frames to raise and lower the double shoot Disc/Hoe openers.

The 12.2m (40ft) toolbar worked well for growers running 254 or 305mm (10 or 12-in) spacings.

Then followed the DH-50 and 60 series drills with 5-plex toolbars and parallel lifting sub frames to manage the double shoot Disc/Hoe openers.

Available in working widths from 9 to 18.2m (30 to 60ft) the Pillar is armed with a unique single disc hoe hybrid opener for precise seed and fertiliser placement

These models are available in working width from 9, 12.1, 15.2 or 18.2m (30, 40, 50 and 60ft).

All models can be set in a tow-between or tow-behind configuration.

They incorporate a rear walking beam that keeps all the transport wheels on the ground.

This helps keep the toolbar as level as possible in the paddock and removes the stress on the frame during transport.

Add to this walking axles on the transport wheels, and It’s easy to keep an even load on all four corners of the toolbar.

Pillar engineers have designed the opener to thrive in heavy and with the tine element can eliminate hair-pinning.

The result in the seedbed is precise seed placement with the fertiliser banded below and to the side of the seed trench.

This is achieved as the seed boot carves a path in the bed while the disc cuts the furrow for the fertiliser – eliminating any minimal hair-pinning if any, to the fertiliser cut only.

The disc is set with a compound angle, having both a horizontal (7-deg) and a vertical (10-deg) angle. So, are self-sharpening as they cut through the paddock.

With the disc, gauge wheel and packer wheel all well designed with a coil spring to provide contour following, the Pillar is simple to use.

Pillar’s seed boot has been designed to carve a path to prepare the bed while the disc cuts the furrow for the fertiliser banding off to one side

The Pillar frame is built heavy and tough enough to compete with the best. The design is very rugged and simple with the rear walking beam alleviating stress on the frame to a minimum when in transport.

And almost every part on the Pillar drill is built from readily available replacement hubs, spindles, bearings, hydraulics, and discs.

All standard off the shelf designs that a welder or dealer yard can be fix quickly and cheaply.

For a grower or ag contractor wanting to retain stubble without extra management or utilise pre-emergents on a disc machine, the Pillar disc hoe drill is the answer.

What you will get is an easy to manage planter that will place seed more accurately than many tine drills and, beat many disc machines when planting in heavy residue trash.

Contact Beulah Machinery to register your interest in a live demo of the Pillar on tel: 02 6341 3270, fax: 02 6341 3280 or email:

See more details on the Pillar at:


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