Schütz square SQ2 drum has been a transport game-changer

The Schütz SQ2 drum is a space saver and delivers more efficiency in logistics, safe application and resource conservation
Schütz SQ2 drum
The SQ2 tight head drum from Schütz has a volume of 100 or 110 litres and its square body provides for optimal volume efficiency when transporting

With its innovative geometry, the new SQ2 drum from Schütz is a space-saving logistics tool. The plastic drum is now available in Australia and due to its square cross-section, a total of nine drums fit onto an Australian standard pallet.

The SQ2 is available, depending on the drum size, with a volume of 100 and 110 litres – and this allows for up to 990 litres of filling product that can be transported on each standard pallet.

This is equivalent to an increased transport volume of up to 80% compared to round drums, that are typically used in the agri-chemical industry in Australia.

Customers benefit from economic and environmental advantages through lower transport costs and an improved CO2-balance. In addition, the collection system of the new SQ2 within the framework of Schütz’s circulatory system ensures additional resource conservation.

The design of the SQ2 tight head drum allows easy handling for fillers and end users. Despite the square body of the drum, the bottom and the top are round.

In addition, there are two recesses in the stable top-ring, which serve as handles. The two rings nest when stacked to ensure that they stand securely.

The drum body is made of high-quality HDPE, that has an optimal resistance to chemicals and stress cracking and is also approved for dangerous goods. Upon request, customers’ individual labels and markings can be placed on the large flat surface.

The drum can be equipped with an EVOH permeation barrier, if required. This protects filling goods from permeation – solvent escaping from the container – and taint – oxygen moving into the container.

There is also potential for the SQ2 tight head drum to be available as a Foodcert or Cleancert version in the future.

The dip-tube system integrated into the drum is able to absorb shocks through a bearing spring. It leads to the lowest point and thus enables optimal residual emptying.

A “dry-break” valve at the upper end protects the user from contact with the filling product and simultaneously protects the product from contamination.

The closed extraction system plus optimal EVOH barrier opens up numerous fields of application for the SQ2 tight head drum – for example in the agri-chemical industry, but also for food and technically demanding liquids from the non-food sector.

Complemented by the space-saving design and reusability, the SQ2 tight head drum ensures maximum cost-effectiveness, safety and resource conservation in daily use.

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