Tierre mulchers and mowers are in strong demand with a $2200 factory discount

There has never been a better time to buy a mulcher as Tierre is offering a factory rebate of $2200 on one of its most popular models the 2.8 metre Pantera

What more could you want, one of the most popular mulcher models available the Tierre Pantera works across 2.8 metres and is built with a strong Hardox wearplate frame and is now on special with a $2,200 factory rebate

Forward thinking design and build strength are key attributes of Tierre models and that shows through in the 2.8m Pantera mulcher.

This model is a very popular working width, built with a strong Hardox wearplate frame, and is now on special with a $2,200 factory rebate.

The Pantera is a perfect fit for most tractors and can be used on the front or rear with any 3 3-point linkage running a category 2 or 3 connection.

For anyone running a business and using the mulcher there is the further advantage of claiming the full purchase back through the Instant Asset tax write-off scheme.

The Tierre company builds its models with Hardox Wear Plate to produce strong, long lasting machines that have been proven to perform well in our local conditions.

Always innovating and improving, Tierre has recently taken out a patent application for a machine that can shred mulch in 12 different ways.

Tierre machines offer working widths of 1 to 8 metres and a variety of configurations including front and rear tractor mount and folding to suit individual operations.

The fact that Tierre only manufacture mulching and flail mowing machines means their total focus is only on these machines.

Tierre mulchers and flail mowers models are currently enjoying a resurgence in Australia due to the efforts of Vin Rowe Farm Machinery, the local importer and distributor. 

Vin Rowe Farm Machinery was founded in Warragul in 1961 by Mr Vin Rowe just two years before the establishment of the Tierre Company in Italy.

Since taking over as the local importer and distributor in 2018, the brand has exceeded all expectations and as a result the Vin Rowe company has developed what will be a long and successful relationship with the badge.

Tierre is based in the Padua area of Italy and has grown to become a leading manufacturer of mulchers and flail mowers. It currently exports to most countries of the world.

For more information on the special $2,200 discount on the 2.8m Pantera mulcher call on 0418 177 045 before current stock runs out.

To learn more about the entire Tierre product range, don’t hesitate to contact Graham Rowe at Vin Rowe Farm Machinery on tel: 03 5622 9100 or 0418 177 045 or email: grahamrowe@vinrowe.com.au

Standard equipment on the 2.8 metre Tierre Pantera

  • Tractor linkage category 2 or 3
  • Oil sealed transmission with free wheel
  • Oil sealed transmission with double free wheel (REVERS version)
  • Toothed belts
  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating balls
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Rotor diameter 194mm
  • Self-cleaning roller with double position/height adjustable scraper
  • Roller diameter 194mm
  • Rotor revolution speed 52m/s
  • Counter blade
  • Standard Revers predisposition
  • HARDOX wear plate