Timely reminder to ensure it’s a safe harvest for workers

The NSW Government has issued a timely warning for farmers and farm workers to take extra precautions around machinery and silos during the harvest season.

Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, said following two deaths and a serious injury on farms in the Riverina this month, SafeWork inspectors will be travelling across the regions to work with farmers on safety plans and procedures, especially around silos.

“When you’re working with heavy machinery, and around a silo, on a day-to-day basis it’s easy to get complacent. Farms are a highly dangerous work environment and even the most experienced farmers can get injured,” Mr Anderson said.

“This time of year there’s always a rush to harvest, especially with the deteriorating weather. That’s why our inspectors will be on the ground, helping farmers to identify hazards and develop risk management procedures and ultimately prevent further accidents and injuries on our farms.”

Mr Anderson said all farmers could benefit from the digital resources developed by SafeWork to improve the safety of all their workers on site. 

“We’ve got so many digital and virtual resources to help farmers, including an online silo safety checklist, tips for using chemicals safely, and virtual online training for new workers, making it quicker and easier than ever to do your job safely.

“And if you aren’t sure, or you need assistance, call 13 10 50 and we can get an inspector to come out and help. These visits are free and once completed, you can claim a $500 small business rebate,” Mr Anderson said.

To find out more about silo safety, and access the safety checklist, visit the SafeWork website.

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