Tinder for Tractors

A new website, known to some as “Tinder for tractors,” is on its way in Canada. Called AnyQuip it matches owners of heavy equipment with potential renters. Source: CBC Canada

“So if I own, one or 20, or 50 or 200 excavators I can create listings on our website,” the site’s chief marketing officer, Jennifer Lussier said.

Equipment owners set their own rates and the listings on the site are similar to those found on Airbnb, according to Ms Lussier.

The site went live five months ago with Calgary-based listings and is just starting to move into British Columbia (BC). It now features listings from companies in Vancouver, Langley, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Sparwood, Prince George and Fort Nelson.

“We’ve got some early adopters in BC. We’re really excited,” said Ms Lussier.

AnyQuip caters only to companies, not individuals.

“We don’t really target the weekend warrior that wants a skid steer for his backyard because we need to verify insurance … and we want to make sure that the people on our platform know how to operate these very expensive pieces of equipment,” said Ms Lussier.

AnyQuip aims to help companies earn revenue from heavy equipment that would otherwise just be sitting around.

“In a down market, you’re really feeling the pain when you’ve got literally millions of dollars sitting in your yard, often with it financed,” said Ms Lussier. “So we try to flatten out those peaks and valleys that exist and leverage opportunities between different industries.”