Titan Australia LSW tyre advantage lets you rethink your duals

Many farmers and contractors are realising the benefit of LSW technology as Low Sidewall tyres are equipped to spreading far less pressure over a much wider footprint with added stability

Titan Australia explains how LSW technology is gaining traction in our local market with the advantage of spreading far less pressure over a much wider footprint

Tractors are heavier and more powerful than ever before, and as a result, issues associated with soil compaction are becoming an increasingly common problem.

Despite this, many continue to run tyres that only worsen the problem – whether by choice or perceived lack of other options.

But there are options out there, and growers need to fight for their right to float.

“It’s all about the footprint.

Think about it this way – if you walk out into the field on ice skates, you’re going to sink right into the mud.

“With boots, you’re good to go,” says Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan International and Goodyear Farm Tires.

“I don’t see too many guys walking around the field in ice skates, but I do see a lot of guys running narrow duals when they don’t need to.

“If you’re not running the machine between the rows post-emergence, then there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be running Extreme Flotation tyres.” Scott concluded.

A study revealed that only about 37 percent of American growers have a need to frequently run between the rows postemergence.

These 37 percent are the good candidates for running narrow duals on their tractors.

However, an estimated 75 percent of MFWD tractors still come from the factory with narrow duals.

This means a large percentage of growers are running duals when it’s unnecessary.

Look for the LSW (Low Sidewall) symbol as these tyres are being fitted to a wide range MFWD tractors and self-propelled sprayers with great success in reducing compaction

LSW technology is gaining traction in the local market with a number of LSW tyres already fitted to MFWD tractors and self-propelled sprayers.

In addition to spreading far less pressure over a much wider footprint (and thus causing less soil compaction), the added stability of Low Sidewall (LSW) technology provides many other benefits to running Extreme Flotation tyres.

LSW technology features a larger wheel diameter and smaller sidewall than a conventional tyre.

This decreases the likelihood for sidewall recoil, that can drastically improve ride quality and stability, while reducing power hop and road lope.

While the LSW range is a core product for Titan Australia, it is not the only thing they do.

You might know Titan Australia for its expertise in tyres, wheels and axles, but the company excels in engineering, design and fabrication of components for all agricultural machinery.

For two Australian machinery companies, assistance in their manufacturing from Titan has made a world of difference.

Titan Australia has become the leading provider of tyres, wheels and axles in Australia the company has leveraged its manufacturing expertise to supply custom fabrication and parts for agricultural machinery

With the backing of parent company Titan International – a supplier of tyres, tracks and wheels to OEM markets globally – Titan Australia has become the leading provider of tyres, wheels and axles in Australia.

In recent years, the company has leveraged its manufacturing expertise to expand its offering and supply custom fabrication and parts for agricultural machinery.

Key to this capability is the company’s manufacturing hub in Mildura, which features a 5,500sq.m production space and the latest hardware and software to meet high standards of fabrication and design.

The facility is staffed by a group of 30 experts with a vast knowledge of agricultural productions and the experience in specialised manufacturing to meet any requirements.

This local expertise and knowledge on the ground enables Titan to build components that are made to last in the uniquely tough Australian farming conditions – a critical feature of any piece of agricultural equipment in this country.

For spraying equipment manufacturer Croplands, Titan’s engineering expertise in wheels, tyres and axles is crucial to the performance of their finished sprayers.

The two companies partner together in the development and design of new products that are specifically suited to the Australian farming landscape.

“Titan’s capability in terms of supplying and sourcing all over the world is the key thing for us, and coming with that is the consistency of the components they use,” says Croplands Operation Manager David Tiu.

“For us to take our machinery to another fabricator or build it in house isn’t easy – we already source all our wheels from Titan, so it’s logical for us to take it to them to do the whole package.

“Rather than just viewing Titan as a supplier, we work with them on the design aspect of our requirements and utilise their expertise in machinery – it’s a very collaborative process.”

Another local company thriving with Titan’s assistance is Toomey Earthmovers, that designs and manufactures specialist graders for earthmoving.

For Toomey, Titan provides machine components and fabrications that make up to 40 per cent of the finished graders.

Toomey had been using Titan wheels, tyres and axles from day one, but the relationship between the two companies has grown in recent years to include Titan’s fabrication.

The advantage for Toomey is that Titan manufactures parts to stock rather than to order, allowing the small company to meet order requirements quickly amid fluctuating demand.

“Titan have been generous on the manufacturing cost in order to establish themselves as a long-term partner for us,” says Toomey Earthmovers Project Engineer Damien Toomey.

“As a company, we have positioning ourselves to supply a much larger volume of product in the near future, and the partnership with Titan enables us to be ready when the time comes and double or triple output with ease.”

To learn more about the advantages LSW tyres can bring to your farming operation or the capabilities of Titan Australia, contact Titan direct on 1300 791 672 or email sales@titanaustralia.com

You can also check out plenty of videos and photos on the Titan Australia Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TitanAust/)and Linkedin (https://au.linkedin.com/company/titan-australia) pages.


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