Trelleborg release the most advanced and long wearing farm tyres

Trelleborg has developed its tyre technology to a stage where many of the major machinery manufacturing companies have entered into special arrangements to have Trelleborg’s fitted to their brand as original equipment, at factory level

Trelleborg is making advances in tyre technology that wasn’t though possible just a few years back and now offers the widest possible range of tyres for all farm machines

When Trelleborg joined John Deere for the first test of the high-powered John Deere 8R2304 tractor the outcome showed clearly what a difference it makes to overall performance when the correct tyres are fitted. 

During the testing, two comparative demonstrations were conducted. 

For the first test, a new John Deere 8R2304 tractor fitted with Trelleborg TM900 High Power single tyres, was measured through in-furrow and on-land harrowing operations for efficiency and fuel consumption.

The results from the first test set-up the criteria to test an opposition brand tyre fitted to the same tractor. A second test was to ensure.

Two comparative demonstrations were conducted to evaluate Trelleborg’s TM900 High Power tyres. During the first test, a new John Deere 8R2304 tractor was fitted with Trelleborg TM900 High Power single tyres and for the second test as opposition brand was fitted to evaluate efficiency and fuel consumption

And to make it more interesting, during the second test a second tractor was also introduced, a lower powered John Deere 8R3004 was shod with Trelleborg TM900 High Power dual extra-large tyres. 

This tractor was to run against the John Deere 8R3204 used in the first test, but now for the second test, the 8R3204 was fitted with a competitor’s premium dual standard tyres and would run against the John Deere 8R3004.

At the completion of the ploughing tests it was show that Trelleborg tyres, in equal conditions and sizes, perform better than competitors both in terms of slippage and work time per hectare

Despite its lower power, the John Deere 8R3004 went-on to finish the in-furrow competition first, and when results from the first test were compared between the two tyre brands, Trelleborg TM900 High Power single tyres outperformed the competitor’s premium dual standard product. 

Trelleborg has been adding its tyre technology advantages to some of the best-known tractor brands to gain an edge in performance for market leading models.

Trelleborg TM1060

Fendt called on Trelleborg engineers to ensure traction would be maintained on the 942 Vario with Trelleborg 750/70 R44 rear rubber fitted as standard – available to ‘VF’ high flexibility with high load capacity construction and an overall diameter of 2.20m

When AGCO engineers decided to add a new Fendt 900 Vario series as a ‘baby’ sibling to their extreme powered 294 to 380kW (400 to 517hp) Fendt 1000 Vario, they turned to Trelleborg engineers to ensure there would be a match to the traction.

The Fendt 900 Vario series was to be an upgrade from regular Vario to a single-range VarioDrive transmission with variable torque distribution, and in addition there would be higher-level connectivity features.

Also thrown into the mix were separate drivelines to the rear and front axles, VarioGrip tyre inflation management, and flange or bar axles – the advancements of this tractor’s package were clear – it required tyres to match.

In addition, power outputs from the five models in the Fendt 900 Vario series had to be considered, starting at 217kW (296hp) and racing up to 305kW (415hp) from the Fendt 942 Vario.

Supporting the operator keen to optimise all aspects of the Fendt 900 series is Grip Assistant, an ‘app’ in the Varioterminal available on 900 Vario series tractors for the first time.

This accepts key operating data – such as the weight of the unit, tyres fitted and target operating speed – in order to recommend ballast weight and distribution and the appropriate tyre inflation pressure for that combination.

Conversely, it will also recommend the optimum working speed and pressure for a defined amount of ballast on the tractor.

The results are best applied using the optional VarioGrip system, an on-board inflation management system that, with the press of an icon on the Varioterminal display, will inflate or deflate the tyres to a target pressure to suit road travel and field work.

According to one university trial, shifting from the optimum pressures for road travel to the appropriate set-up for working in the paddock can result in up to 10% more tractive effort being generated, 8% more area covered in a given timeframe, and a reduction of up to 8% in the amount of fuel consumed.

Trelleborg tyres were also brought in to help in this regard, with the 750/70 R44 rear rubber fitted as standard to the 942 Vario – developed specially for this tractor – available to ‘VF’ high flexibility with high load capacity construction in Trelleborg TM1060 designs with an overall diameter of 2.20m.

Trelleborg TM1000 

When AGCO technicians released the Massey Ferguson 8S series after seven years of development they revealed how Trelleborg engineers assisted by supplying VF 650/75 R42 rear tyres up to 2.05m diameter from the Trelleborg TM1000 range

Trelleborg engineers were also close-by when Massey Ferguson decided to replace its popular 7700 S series with a bold new look MF 8S line of tractors.

The MF 8S series was seven years in the making, with extensive testing and customer consultations moulding the final features and technical specifications and Massey Ferguson engineers made sure every aspect was perfect, including the tyre.

In this initial five power output model range starting at 205hp and moving up to 265hp it was decided to offer two transmission choices, the all-new Dyna E-Power dual clutch transmission with 28 forward and reverse ratios and robotised shifting throughout, and the Dyna-7 semi-powershift that provides 28×28 speeds but from seven powershift steps on a four-speed range ‘box.

These two transmissions offered a new rear axle available in flange, short bar and long bar configurations, with higher load ratings up to 10 tonnes in maximum rear linkage lift capacity.

Also, up front the steering drive axle with hydraulic suspension installed as standard now incorporating brakes for adding slowing/stopping power, primarily when 50kph models are towing on the road, as well as a suspension lock-out.

The two axles formed a wheelbase at 3.05m, while new wheel specifications meant rear tyres up to 2.05m diameter can be fitted, including the new VF 650/75 R42 size from the Trelleborg TM1000 ProgressiveTraction range developed alongside the new MF 8S machines.

Trelleborg PneuTrac 

New Holland was the first tractor OEM to offer Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres in VF 280/70 R18 and VF 480/65 R28 sizes in place of regular radials having been convinced by the results of early research and intense paddock testing over two years prior

Showing further versatility in supplying tyres for all power segments and for types of farm operations, Trelleborg engineers were also in demand when New Holland T4 specialist tractors were released in vineyard and orchard versions.

In addition to the ultra-tight turning SuperSteer front axle options, the four models in the range were also available with a Terraglide suspension front axle and Trelleborg’s novel PneuTrac traction tyre with its unique ‘zero pressure’ structure.

The power ratings for these models ranged from 55 to 79kW (75 to 107hp) with all available in ‘V’ (1061mm minimum width, depending upon tyres fitted), ‘N’ (1229mm) and ‘F’ (1380mm) versions to suit different working situations.

Tests show that fitting Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres provides a a 60% reduction in compaction measured at the surface from the traditional lugged tread pattern and a 30% reduction in compression force at 100mm in depth

A comprehensive choice of transmissions also applies across these models, starting with 16×16 and 28×16 mechanical shuttle configurations, then a 16×16 with power shuttle, and culminating in 32×16 and 44×16 Dual Command options with power shuttle and two-speed powershift.

CNH engineers made the decision to offer the new option of Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres in VF 280/70 R18 and VF 480/65 R28 sizes in place of regular radials.

New Holland has become the first tractor OEM to offer the PneuTrac as an option having been convinced by the results of early research and intense field testing over two years on leading wine estates in Italy and France.

Its unusual design, that has an Omega-shaped sidewall and relies on the structure rather than air to support the tractor, has also attracted the attention of agricultural institutes and universities for independent tests.

These have confirmed the attractions of a tyre that presents a long and wide contact patch for good traction and least soil compaction.

During a technical presentation of the tyre held in partnership with New Holland, tractive power, and surface and sub-surface compression forces were measured and compared with a regular tyre of corresponding size.

Pressure points at the surface from the traditional lugged tread pattern showed a 60% reduction in favour of the PneuTrac, while a digital pressure pad positioned 10cm beneath the soil surface showed a 30% reduction in compression force at that depth.

In addition to good stability across side slopes, Trelleborg reports that during a traction test, the tyre demonstrated a 15% advantage over the regular radial.

That partly comes from the ProgressiveTraction lug design, that is also being rolled out to other tyres in the Trelleborg range and has the particular feature of a stepped lug shape.

This is designed to provide a firm anchorage for the lug to the carcase to minimise ‘lug deflection and flick’ during the transition from maximum to zero force as it engages and then leaves the soil.

Above this section is a ledge across the face of the lug that provides increased traction surface area and leads to a narrower upper section to the lug for good penetration into hard, dry soils.

Trelleborg engineers realise the combination of characteristics provided by the ProgressiveTraction tread design and the ultra-flexible carcase are well suited to orchard, vineyard and other cropping situations.

Especially where delicate roots growing close to the surface are vulnerable to mechanical pressure and to restricted development due to soil compaction.

Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction

Trelleborg’s new TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre range takes over from the TM1000 High Power as the first choice for high powered tractor seeking the best available performance with a large contact face able to withstand high pressure

There are proven performance advantages when farmers opt for Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTraction tread structure and lug design – first demonstrated on the Swedish group’s TM700 70-series tractor tyre for orchard and vineyard applications.

Product continues to be rolled out to other tyres in the range while at the top end of the performance scale, the new technology is being applied to a replacement for the Trelleborg TM1000 High Power, the flagship of Trelleborg’s tractor tyre range, and at the other end to the TM600 RICE, that has performance suiting it to dryland rice farming.

The ProgressiveTraction tread structure and lug design is already used on the VF category TM1060 low-profile 60-series tyres for tractors in 520mm to 750mm nominal widths for 28 to 44-inch rims, and the TM3000 series harvester tyres.

It now also features on the new VF specification TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyres, that have 70 to 85% aspect ratios for larger air volumes and greater carrying capacities to suit big agricultural tractors.

This comparison shows how Trelleborg TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyres benefit from VF construction designed to increase efficiency in the paddock where they ensure less soil compaction over a wider footprint area and on the road the number of trips are reduced due to very high load capacities

These ‘D’ speed rated tyres come in sizes that start with a VF 600/70 R30 for front axle mounting and culminate width-wise in a VF 800/70 R38; between them are 420 and 650mm nominal widths for 34-inch rims.

The tallest heavy traction versions are the VF 650/85 R42 and the VF 710/70 R42, while the VF 480/80 R50 caters for large tractors operating in row crops.

The ‘VF’ performance category defines traction tyres capable of carrying 40% more weight than a ‘standard’ tyre of equivalent size at a given inflation pressure, or the same weight at 40% lower pressure as a consequence of their heavy-duty but also very flexible carcase structure.

At first glance, the lugs of the ProgressiveTraction tread design are of a size and shape familiar from other Trelleborg tyres – they extend prominently over the sidewall to make them as wide as possible and have square-cut edges designed to give plenty of bite.

The ‘terraces’ between the lugs also give Trelleborg tyres a distinctive appearance while also helping to shed sticky soil.

The ProgressiveTraction tread design includes this distinctively shaped lug with a reinforced lower structure and 5% larger contact face to push against the soil

But it is easy to dismiss the so-called ‘double-edged’ lug of the new design, with its distinctive ledge part way up the front surface, as being little more than another device to make the tyres look different from competitors.

In reality, the structural changes behind this seemingly modest modification have improved traction to an extent that surprised even Trelleborg engineers.

First off, the engineers explain that traction is a function of torque provided by weight and torque provided by the tractor’s engine.

To cope with the increasing power output of tractors over the years, traction tyres have been made taller and wider, and with the ability to operate at lower inflation pressures.

All three measures create a larger contact patch with the soil surface that enables more power and torque to be converted efficiently into tractive effort.

Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTraction technology adds to these developments by improving torque transmission through a different design of lug that creates a larger contact face and modifies the way the lug deforms under vertical (weight) and horizontal (torque) loads.

Each lug is reinforced at its base to increase resistance to bending back under torque load; the transition from this reinforcing section into the upper section of the lug is not blended smoothly as is the case with other reinforced lug designs but rather is formed with a flat-topped ledge.

Modifying the traditional lug shape in this way increases the soil contact area by 5%; and reduced lug deformation under load also helps in that respect while the lug structure results in better distribution of forces to the soil, according to Trelleborg engineers.

Early comparative tests of the new design demonstrated significant improvements in traction of as much as 18% over tyres without the new lug design.

Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTraction tread technology has also been applied to a specialist tyre for rice farming applications the TM600 RICE in a 480-80R50 offering

Claims from Trelleborg for all tyres with the ProgressiveTraction technology now boil down to an advantage of up to 10%, depending on the tyre range and tractor size, as well as 3% lower fuel consumption as a result, and a 5% increase in service life.

A reduction in the reinforced lug’s movement during the recovery phase – as it emerges from the soil and flicks back to its unloaded position – also contributes to the reduction in wear rate, while the self-cleaning characteristics of the tread are also an advantage.

The internal distribution of tension in the lug are able to make small improvements in vibration characteristics, as outlined by Trelleborg tyre engineers, so the tyre is considered to be better in several respects due to the new lug design.

Trelleborg is making advances in tyre technology that wasn’t though possible just a few years back and now offers the widest possible range of tyres for all farm Tractors, as well as product for all types of harvesters including combines, forage, sugar cane, cotton pickers and grapes.

While an even wider range of farm Implement tyres are available for spreaders, grain carts, balers, trailers, tankers and irrigation equipment. While soil preparation tyres are available for cultivators and planters, along with specialist tyres for forestry models, material handling and construction equipment.

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