Trelleborg Tractor Driver of the Year decided for 2022

Trelleborg has announced the winner of the Tractor Driver of the Year 2022 from a heavily contested event held at Italy’s Cremona Circuit

Alberto Allegretti from Pegognaga Mantua Italy held off a field of 40 contestants from every region of Italy to take out the Trelleborg Tractor Driver of the Year 2022 first prize with the highest points scored

Trelleborg has announced the operator that has won the fourth edition of its unique “Tractor Driver of the Year 2022” competition, which was held at the Cremona Circuit in Italy on 19 November 2022.

Conceived and organised by Trelleborg, the unique “Tractor Driver of the Year” is a competitive event which brings together agricultural professionals from all over Italy to test their skills.

Drivers are rewarded for their ability to manoeuvre agricultural machinery equipped with Trelleborg tyres in the shortest time. The Cremona Circuit, a professional racetrack, has proved to be the ideal setting for this competition.

For the 2022 event there were 40 tractor drivers from every region of Italy and they challenged each other on technical tests to see who had the raw talent to win the title. This year it was won by Alberto Allegretti, from Pegognaga (Mantua).

The contestants performed four challenging tests in the paddock, including manoeuvring, hoisting, reversing and operating with a trailer, and stability was also part of the point scoring.

The stability challenge showcased Trelleborg’s PneuTrac®, a hybrid solution between a radial agricultural tyre and a track from a manufacturer well known for its excellent performance on both slopes and muddy terrain.

Trelleborg’s technical partner for this competition was New Holland, providing all tractors used for the competition. Of particular interest to contestants was a New Holland T4.120F SuperSteer tractor, equipped with PneuTrac®  tyres, in two equal sizes of VF 420/70R28 and VF 280/70R20 fitted to both the front and rear.

Alessandro Mazzolini, Managing Director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Italy had this to say, “At the ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ event we had an exciting day dedicated to friendly competition among tractor operators.

“They had fun and were able to paddock test their skills along with Trelleborg tyre solutions, while proving the performance of both. At Trelleborg, we have a strong focus on the end user and all agricultural professionals.

“In the fourth edition of this competition, we are really pleased to see the increasing involvement of all tractor drivers who consider our competition a regular appointment in their calendars,” Alessandro Mazzolini concluded.

This diagram shows the differences between how the Trelleborg PneuTrac tyre works when compared to a standard track

PneuTrac farm tyres from Trelleborg

Used for the first time in the “Tractor Driver of the Year” 2022 Trelleborg has strengthening its commitment towards innovative agriculture with the introduction of the PneuTrac tyre range.

The PneuTrac combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tyre with the benefits of a track delivering unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain, with the effect of reducing operator downtime to zero when conditions become more demanding.

The extra-long PneuTrac footprint results in added flotation and traction along with exceptional lateral stability, without compromising fuel efficiency, comfort or handling.

Trelleborg PneuTrac ensures premium flotation properties providing a footprint average 10% larger than a modern agricultural radial tyre thereby protecting the ground

Vineyard and orchard growers have found the PneuTrac tyres to be ideal for avoiding damage to roots and topsoil. For these growers it becomes even more challenging when you factor in narrow rows on both flat and sloping ground.

PneuTrac delivers all the flotation of a conventional agricultural track while reducing the total width of a tractor when compared to a standard tracked solution.

The PneuTrac reduces significantly the risk of lateral slippage and consequent root, vine or tree damage as well as providing higher safety for machine operators.

Tractors equipped with PneuTrac are on average 20% lighter than conventional tracks with resultant less stress on soil.

And whereas conventional track lugs are at their most efficient towards the rear of the assembly; the PneuTrac gives lug efficiency for the entire length of its footprint. This results in even distribution of traction with both higher grip and lower soil compaction.