Trelleborg IF and VF tyres deliver big results

Harvey Poxon from Boort VIC fitted Trelleborg IF710/70R42 rear and IF600/70R30 front tyres to his Case IH tractor and immediately gained more traction

Along with the need for agricultural radial tyres to carry heavier loads, it’s the reason new IF and VF tyre technology has been developed. And with upgraded IF and VF tyres, manufacturers have been able to keep up with the demands of larger and more powerful farm machinery.

The terms, IF for Improved Flexion and VF for Very High Flexion are terms that refer to structural and polymer compound characteristics.

Both IF and VF tyres have a structure that allows the sidewalls to flex significantly during operation.

By utilising a lower inflation pressure to achieve greater flex the tyre footprint area increases to improve traction which in turn reduces fuel consumption and soil compaction.

Harvey Poxon runs a mixed farming operation at Boort in central Victoria and is a recent convert to increased flexion tyre technology.

Harvey, who operates a Case IH 340 CVT tractor with maximum engine power of 275kW (374hp), fitted Trelleborg IF710/70R42 tyres on the rear and IF600/70R30 tyres on the front.

According to Harvey, he can get more power to the ground with less wheel slippage. “Because I run Trelleborg IF tyres I can operate my tractor with much lower inflation pressures than I would with standard agricultural radial tyres.

I am amazed by how much more comfortable the ride is now, and because of the extra grip, I have even noticed the savings I have made on fuel. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to different tyres but right from the first use I knew the Trelleborg IF tyres were perfect for my application.”

Compared to a standard agricultural radial tyre, IF tyres can operate at 20% less inflation pressure while VF tyres can operate at 40% less inflation pressure.

The greater tyre tread contact with the ground created by these lower inflation pressures reduces compaction and improves soil conditions for plant root structure development.

Combined with the fuel saving benefits of improved traction it is no surprise that more tractors and self-propelled sprayers are being fitted with IF and VF tyres as original equipment.

In addition, replacement market tyre resellers are now experiencing more sales of increased flexion tyres as farmers and contractors become aware of the benefits of this tyre technology.

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