Triolet top feed for cows

With a low centre of gravity, Trioliet Solomix 2 VLL-S mixer wagons are designed to deliver top quality feed to cows, wherever they are. Source: AFDJ eNews

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – Trioliet, Blair McAlwee, says the new series complements the ZK series already in use throughout New Zealand.

“Unlike the larger ZK series, which has a ‘bath tub’ shape and a side discharge door, the VLL-S is a taller, more compact wagon with a front discharge door,” he said.

“It also has a low centre of gravity, which combined with wide tyres and axle, makes it very stable during transport across uneven roads or paddocks.

“Another big plus is that they can be easily operated using a 100 to 110 hp tractor. The twin auger VLL-S models are available in capacities from 16 to 24 cubic metres, which are ideal for supplementary feeding medium-sized herds. By comparison, the side-discharge ZK series, which have capacities up to 32 cubic metres ZK series, which have capacities up to 32 cubic metres, are best suited for large herds or those providing total mixed rations. As a rule of thumb, a capacity of one cubic metre is sufficient to supplementary feed 14 cows or to provide a total mixed ration to seven cows.”

All Solomix 2 mixer wagons are equipped with two Twin Stream vertical augers, which feature 22 mm thick top flightings, 25 mm bottom flightings, patented horizontal offset inserts and up to 12 self-sharpening knives as standard.

“The shape and dimensions of the augers and mixing chamber are matched to ensure a perfect mix,” Mr McAlwee said. “These augers have been designed to prepare a thoroughly mixed ration and maximum durability.

“The mixing tub is mounted directly to the chassis, which absorbs any forces rather than the tub when mixing heavy or dense feed. The two symmetrical bottom auger flightings provide a surface area right to the edge of the tub, which means the tub is completely cleaned out. The curved discharge door prevents the feed from getting stuck in corners.”

The shape of the mixing tub ensures feed is mixed horizontally and vertically to create a completely homogeneous mix.

“Trioliet calls this the ‘dual flow’ principle – 70% of the feed moves up the auger and 30% falls down. The feed ingredients are constantly moving horizontally and vertically, which produces a consistent ration no matter what type or amount of feed you are mixing. This simplicity means any maintenance costs are minimal and the machine operates at high efficiency,” Mr McAlwee said.

Two heavy-duty knives can also be fitted to the bottom Two heavy-duty knives can also be fitted to the bottom flighting to process or chop large or hard ingredients, such as fodder beet and potatoes.

“There has been a massive increase in the amount of fodder beet grown in New Zealand over the past decade,” he said. “As a highly palatable source of energy and dry matter, it is proving to be an excellent alternative to traditional winter forage crops.”

McAlwee says the knives can process up to 800 kg of beet and potatoes in a matter of minutes, doing away with the need for a chipping bucket.

“We recommend that you run the augers for about five to eight minutes before you add the other ingredients,” he said. “This will allow sufficient time for the beet to be pulverised, thereby allowing it to mix with the other feed ingredients, such as hay, grass or maize silage.”

Mixed forage is discharged via a forward-mounted chain conveyor with a height-adjustable chain extension to accommodate different trough sizes.

Like all Trioliet mixer feeder wagons, the VLL-S series features a simple design for easy operation and minimal maintenance. The 8 mm tub walls, 15 mm floor, 22 mm augers and 12 mm wear ring are all manufactured from HB 52 construction steel.

The stairs, viewing platform, windows and adjustable weighing indicator allow the operator to easily and safely monitor mixing and feeding operations from the tractor.

New Zealand models are specified with a low ratio gearbox that enables the unit to be easily started and operated by a low horsepower tractor. They are also equipped with a wide-angle PTO, which permits easy turning.

All customers purchasing a Trioliet mixer feeder wagon receive subsidised consultancy services from leading nutritional consultants, MilkMap Consulting.