Trufab becomes Grain King to reflect its growing market share

Trufab is now Grainking and over the years it has evolved into a business focused on grain handling equipment with the highly credentialed Nyrex chaser bins being recognized in the 2018 Swedish Steel Awards

Agricultural machinery manufacturer Trufab Farm Machinery has made a decision to change its name to GrainKing.

Based in the Wheatbelt town of Cunderdin WA, the family-run business established in 1962 began by carrying out mechanical repairs but through a continuing expansion process has evolved into a specialist manufacturer of farm machinery.

GrainKing CEO Colin Jorgensen said the name change was made to better reflect the nature of the organisation.

Since 1982 the business has been building grain handling machinery, including its GrainKing bins and more recently its Nyrex chaser bins it is now among the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of grain handling equipment in Australia.

“With significant recognition coming from our outstanding performance at the 2018 Swedish Steel Awards and our expansion around Australia and overseas we wanted a name that better reflected what we did,” Colin says.

The Swedish Steel Awards nomination was for its Nyrex Chaser bin that has a modular design using almost no welding.

The bins, manufactured from light and extremely durable Strenx steel, in a range of sizes, are being introduced to Australian grain farms, reducing grain discharge times, energy use and minimising soil compaction on farms.

The Nyrex Chaser bins use a Strenx product that is 25 per cent lighter than steel plate and provides a longer life than conventional bins.

Its assembly process uses laser technology in a bolted construction that avoids steel bowing from welding, creating savings in time and energy.

The modular construction also helps reduce freight costs enabling the Nyrex Chaser bin to gain an international audience.

Grainking Chief Executive Officer Colin Jorgensen said the company was delighted to be recognised as a world innovator in its field.

“Our use of cutting edge technology, high quality materials and skilled labour means we are providing customers with innovative and intelligent solutions to increase their productivity and efficiency,” Mr Jorgensen said.

“Our customers know us as Grain King so it makes sense for us to capitalise on the use of that name as we expand into new territories. We will continue to market the brands ‘Nyrex’ and ‘Truchaser’.”

The expansion continues nationally with a network of interstate dealers in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia with a Queensland dealer to be appointed shortly as its West Australian base continues to grow.

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