TYM launches T68 and T78 compact utility cab tractors

Inlon packed a lot in at their annual conference with the launch of the T68 and T 78 and upgraded TYM TS25 and T2900HST compact models

TYM dealers gathered at their annual conference and got more than expected with the launch of the TYM T68 and T78 utility cab tractors and updated TYM TS25 and T2900HST compact models

TYM tractors have kicked off the year on a positive note with the release the TYM T68 and T78 utility cab tractor models with the official launch event staged during the Dealer conference at the head office of local distributor Inlon.

In addition to the two utility models, TYM dealers from all over Australia were able to get their first look at the recently remodelled TYM TS25 and T2900HST compact tractors.  

Inlon’s sales and marketing manager Gary Surman was upbeat and said, “After the inevitable ‘pandemic lull’ in production models available from the factory, TYM is making up for lost time with four models released in the last six months and two more to come in 2024.

“Three representatives from TYM Korea travelled to Australia as part of a factory delegation. It was an opportunity for the delegation to speak with dealers and hear about the great customer experiences, new product ideas and needs of buyers in our local market.

“Starting from $20,713 (tractor only), the TYM TS25 and T2900 ROPS tractors are welcome additions to the compact tractor market with auto throttle and HST simplifying operation. Their heavy-duty front axle, longer wheelbase and large industrial front and rear tyres give extra stability when lifting and loading.

“The latest release TYM T68 and T78 full cabin tractors are powered by the German-built Deutz TCD 2.9-litre turbo diesel intercooled engine. Proven to be fuel efficient, reliable and powerful with a dual dry-element air cleaner for our dusty conditions.

“The 4-cylinder engine in the T68 and T78 cab tractors produces an impressive 49 and 55kW (67 and 75hp) respectively and at only 2200 engine rpm offers optimal fuel efficiency.

“Importantly, the electronic engine governor holds the set engine rpm, under varying loads, delivering the maximum power when required, without rpm drops or spikes. This is ideal for pto-work, as the pto-speed is maintained without loss of rpm up to the maximum power rating. In comparison, an engine with a mechanical governor experiences rpm drops and spikes as the load varies in operation.

“The power shuttle transmission is 24-speed with 18-speeds under 10kph for the TYM T68 and 16-speed with 11-speeds under 10kph for the T78,” Gary Surman added.

Distributed Australia-wide by Inlon, the TYM T68 tractor loader package starts from $74,900.

TYM tractors are building a reputation for high quality, well-designed products, backed by heavy research and development investment.

For more information on the full range of TYM tractors available, see more at: www.tym.ag/931 or call Inlon direct on 1800 945 090 for your nearest dealer location.