TYM T413 take lead in sub-compact tractor sector

The T413 sub-compact utility tractor from South Korean manufacturer TYM combines rugged build quality with a latest-generation engine from Yanmar

South Korean manufacturer TYM is gaining a reputation as an innovator in the small and utility tractor market.

The company claims it has the world’s highest capital investment in R&D as a percentage of its revenue.

The TYM T413 sub-compact shows just how much innovation can be packed into a 28.5kW (38.4hp) tractor

The launch of the T413 sub-compact utility tractor shows just how much innovation can be packed into a 28.5kW (38.4hp) tractor.

Available in a full complement cab or ROPS configuration, the T413 latest-generation Yanmar diesel engine provides for low noise, and less vibration and harshness.

Local distributor Inlon says the T413 is the best priced sub 29kW (40hp), 4WD compact tractor available with an air-conditioned cab, an obvious benefit that will help combat hot Australian summers.

A new Auto throttle function links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed and engine RPM. This helps to simplify operation, with the added benefit of increased productivity and the cost saving of reduced fuel consumption.

The T413 has a dry weight of just 1,390kg with most weight coming from the cast iron components that are used in preference to lighter and more fragile die-cast aluminium, delivering weight to the transmission, driveline and axles where it’s needed most.

Of course, a utility farm tractor comes into its own with the potential of its attachments and the T413’s 3-point linkage with 1,200kg lifting capacity gives great versatility.

Inlon’s TYM T413 package, starts from $32,900 inc GST and includes a level-lift, quick-hitch loader and 4-in-1 bucket plus an integrated loader joystick with trigger 3rd function.


See the full range at: https://www.tym-tractors.com.au/


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