It’s the Ute you have always wanted

As you would expect, the Mercedes Benz X-Class will be the most advanced Ute ever offered and even the fact it will be the most expensive will not stop sales outstripping buyer demand.

Most effected by the X-Class release will be Toyota, often questioned on whether it really offers a luxury vehicle, and also Volkswagen’s Amarok Ute that has been often touted as a luxury contender but until now has not met that challenge.

Both camps should be prepared for luxury buyers to ignore their current offerings now that Mercedes is in town.

But don’t think Mercedes just want luxury buyers, far from that they are determined to shave off a big slice of sales in the boots and shovel base end of the market.

Straight out of the gates the X-Class will tow 3.5 tonnes, and has the capacity for 1000kg payload.

Choose from four or six-cylinder turbo engines, rear-wheel drive and engageable or permanent all-wheel drive.

A six-speed manual transmission is the pick for serious farmers wanting to tackle any obstacles, while a seven-speed automatic transmission will suit those drivers that just seem to meander along without a care in the world.

You will also get a ladder-type frame, rear multi-link solid axle, front independent wheel suspension and coil springs on both axles.

Built on this platform, Mercedes has opted for a three-tier approach for design and equipment.

The basic X-Class PURE is made for the land and is both rugged and functional. It is as close to being a workhorse as the Mercedes name will allow. At the same time it has to fill a rugged role, it is also offers a comfortable design that makes it perfect for lugging gear to jobs and long road trips.

Next up is the X-Class PROGRESSIVE. Still aimed at farmers who expect rugged ute handling but with some extra styling and comfort functions that show they are the boss cocky and not just some itinerant worker showing off.

At the top of the tier is the X-Class POWER. It is for the man that never gets his hands dirty. With its high-end design and equipment inventory, it is the model that will slap the current contenders into realising what a luxury Ute is all about.

With most models in the Mercedes X-Class sitting in a $40,000 to $70,000 price bracket this will put a dent into current badges’ sales. Get your order in now for the early 2018 delivery.