UTF Australia releases a saliva lick feeder with improved product rate accuracy

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Following 16 months of developing and testing this saliva lick feeder from UTA Australia is now the most economical way to feed livestock

UTF Australia is run as a local business by the Clarke family – and with the recent release Universal Ultimate Series saliva lick feeder they offer one of the largest saliva lick feeders on the market and models can be purchased fully assembled or there is the option to buy as a flat pack

The Universal Ultimate Series saliva lick feeder is the result of UTF Australia’s approach to continually developing their product range to be more economical for producers to use.

Behind the UTF Australia brand is the Clarke family, and they have been evolving their farm equipment business to the stage where it is now national brand in both the feeder and farm trailer market.

UTF Australia principals Ben and Bruce Clarke know it’s important to maintain the strength and efficiency that its product lines are known for, and that principle is behind the development of the Universal Ultimate Series feeder with its uniquely designed one adjuster feeding system.

Father and son team, Ben and Bruce Clarke were farmers until their farm equipment operation became so popular, and a full-time enterprise. So, they are acutely aware of what improvements were required in a feeder.

UTF Australia has made the ultimate step-up in feeder design with the bottom plate on the new Ultimate Series feeder fixed and sealed to the base to extend the working life of the feeder by minimising corrosion

That knowledge has gone into the Universal Ultimate Series saliva lick feeder, and it has improved all aspects of what feeder have been offered previously, From the now extended lifespan of the product, an easier to operate unit that offers a higher level of feeding rate accuracy. Overall, this is a more effective way to operate for both the producer and livestock being fed.

UTF Australia has always offered a stronger built feed, but it was in the product feeding area that Ben and Bruce knew they could improve and save money for their customers.

The end result is the new Ultimate Series saliva lick feeder and it’s now considered the best engineered and most economical stock feeding unit currently available.

Setting the Ultimate Series feeder apart in its design is the incorporation of just one plate that is able to control both the height and width of the feed flow. Any adjustments to flow are made with mounted galvanised ratchets, from outside the feeding area, and without any tools.

This one plate design has taken 16 months to come to fruition and differs from the original UTF Australia feeding system that used a two-plate adjustment system. 

And while at the time it seemed the best way to manage feed flow with one plate for the height and the other for the width of the feed available, both these adjustments had to be accessed within the feeding area. 

The Ultimate Series feeder is much safer as the adjustment is made outside the feeding area, with the current feeder design able to operate more efficiently without a bottom adjuster, that in turn can also shorten the life of the product through corrosion.

If asked to point out the most outstanding feature of Ultimate Series feeders, the fact it is safe and easy to adjust the feed rates with just one external lever certainly stands out.

And in addition, these models are manufactured with no sharp edges to injure stock and overall, they can achieve lower feed rates, while the adjustable tongue restrictor can also be gently swung away when it comes time to clean the feed area.

The one adjuster is made of 7mm steel which alleviates the need for additional supports that could pose a risk to livestock.

As the external adjuster is an important function on these models, there is a reinforced and easily removed cover for its protection from weather and any other damage. Built to withstand harsh conditions it is made from 7mm steel.

UTF Australia’s Ultimate Series offers one of the largest saliva lick feeders on the market and is available in 3000 and 4200 litre product capacities and can be purchased fully assembled or there is the option to buy as a flat pack.

There is a range of accessories available for the feeders that includes a function to assist with transport and feeding accessories such as ad-lib attachments, tongue restrictor guards and calf creep gates.

UTF Australia has seen exponential growth in sales from cattle producers for lot feeding as buyers are shown the benefits of the ad-lib attachment and how the increased trough height can minimise wastage.

This growth is also due to more operations incorporating mixed livestock and cropping operations and adding UTF Australia feeders into holding paddocks during busy periods such as ground prep and planting.

UTF Australia’s design and fabrication plant is located on the former family farm near Goomalling WA, and the company operates depots in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and has multiple locations in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Queensland and WA.

Freight is available Australia-wide. Call UTF Australia direct on 0499 555 355, or see more at: https://www.universalfeeders.com.au/ 

Find your nearest depot at: https://www.universalfeeders.com.au/contact-us/contact-us1