Valtra and the Finnish superhero

Rendel, a completely new Finnish superhero movie to be released in 2017 and to be presented at Cannes film festival in May features Valtra tractors. Source: AFDJ eNews

Rendel joined forces with Finnish tractor manufacturer Valtra, who carried Rendel to the red carpet with a Valtra N174 Direct – model customized tractor. The tractor was customized at Valtra’s Unlimited-studio – it’s one of a kind and made just for Rendel.

The journey from Valtra’s tractor factory to the world’s number one film festival is close to 3000 kilometers long.

Valtra and Rendel also encouraged the audience to take part in the movie hype. Fans can spot Rendel and the tractor on it’s way to Cannes and share their photos with hashtag #RENDELVALTRA to Instagram.

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