Valtra new tractor series unveiled live on the net

Following recent successful Global digital product releases – Valtra is the next to be on the world stage unveiling a new tractor series live online

A time honoured system of unveiling new tractor releases for the snobbery of dealers and machinery writers has been broken.

No longer will “those in the know” hold the trump cards, now buyers will have equal access to valuable launch information following the announcement that Valtra will unveil a new tractor series live online, for all to see.

Just one catch, you will need to register.

The event will take place on August 28. You can register following this link:

The launch event Valtra is organising is currently quite unique but could very well be the forerunner to the way all model launches are handled in the future, where everybody has access.

“We will present a completely new tractor series, as well as other new products. We are organising the launch online partly due to the special situation this year, but also to allow everyone the opportunity to participate,” says Pamela Engels, Senior Manager, Communications & Digital Marketing.

The Valtra tractor series at the centre of the launch comprises four models ranging from 74 to 103kW (100 to 140hp).

The power output is not the only story, however, as these tractors also offer smart new functions that will also be available on other tractor series’ in the future.

The product launch will be presented by videos, texts and images in a virtual launch room, where visitors can see the material in any order they like.

Following the virtual launch, Valtra will kick off its SmartTour, which will show the new tractor series throughout Europe.

Visitors will have the chance to test drive the new tractors along with other Valtra products.

The launch of the Valtra tractor series will take place on 28 August at 10am, Finnish time, at Following the launch, the material can still be viewed on the same website until the end of the year.


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