Valtra tractors unlimited service is a customise build fit for a king

Valtra released its own version of “the tractor you have always wanted” with this Unlimited promotional tractor that included ‘champagne’ bodywork and a leather-trimmed cab interior

Tractor owners and operators who are especially proud of their working machines will often customise them to some extent, perhaps by adding extra lights, signwriting the company or even the operator’s name, or maybe wrapping the usual exhaust stack with a chrome shield.

Getting the tractor sprayed black or other non-standard colour is another popular option for customisers.

And some tractor manufacturers cater to this demand by listing one or two alternative colours in their official options.

But none go as far as Valtra in respect of answering the dream finish you have always wanted.

This leading Finnish badge of AGCO has for many years offered a palette of colours to personalise a tractor straight from the factory, but more recently has introduced its Unlimited service, that buyers can use to customise their machines either visually or in terms of special equipment.

At the tractor factory, the practical base levels that are performed on conversions and upgrades in the Unlimited workshops include forestry, farm, airport as well as defence packages. Adding specialised equipment that will best suit the tractors to work in these roles and environments.

But there are also many visual options that farmers who really want to make the look of their tractor individual can choose; in fact, says Valtra, as long as it’s legal, Valtra Unlimited can do it.

The company itself has indulged in some customisations to promote a particular theme or achievement – such as the green and white colour scheme for the Valtra T234 that set a 130.165kph (80.88mph) speed record and the bling-laden golden tractor that celebrated a recent style award.

Valtra has also produced tractors with swirling Hot Rod and Wheat emblem bodywork finishes and to publicise its work to operators who might want something a little more luxurious. they painted a T234 in champagne and finished the cab interior with swathes of leather.

For outstanding visual impact, the N163 finished in outlandish pink surely takes the prize.

It was created to promote the Young Farmers organisation in Finland and, in addition to its paintwork was fitted with red leather upholstery and chrome-finish exhaust shield, headlight surrounds, roof bars and grille guard.

Alpine air horns and auxiliary lights topped off the roof while in the cab, a top-end stereo radio and DVD player provided unlimited entertainment.

Call Valtra on tel: 03 9313 0313 and build your dream tractor.

What you do with your tractor look is limited only by your imagination – these models show what it takes to make them pop

Here is the exterior of Valtra’s Unlimited promotional tractor with ‘champagne’ bodywork
This N163 finished in garish pink and with lots of chrome add-ons and an equally-eye-catching red leather interior was designed to catch the eye of potential Young Farmers club members in Finland
A red leather interior almost looks tame inside the Pink Valtra
Swirling blue paintwork on this Valtra N174’s hood …
…and mudguards is reminiscent of Hot Rod paintwork
An LED light strip across the front of the cab roof, fiery red blending into yellow on the nose…
…and wheat emblems distinguish this Valtra N174 from simple regular examples