Vimcor tracks rock and roll for maximum ground contact

When crossing a drain at an angle, maximum ground contact will be kept at all times with Vimco tracks, even in wet conditions

Vimcor track systems have been designed with flotation and compaction at the forefront of our minds.

We visited Alf Pappalardo’s Townsville Qld property where he recently finished upgrading his crop sprayer with a set of 914mm (36-inch) Vimcor tracks.

Alf runs a mixed crop farm which includes a 300ha (741-acres) mango crop he recently sprayed funguses and insects with a foliar fertiliser.

“The crop is already flowering and looking good,” Alf said.

Mr Pappalardo said he had confidence in the Vimcor tracks to manoeuvre through drains or gullies similar to his inter-rows with great ease, as Vimcor tracks will rock and roll independently.

Even when crossing a drain at an angle, maximum ground contact will be kept at all times.

Alf has heavy clay soil, with very little compaction, and the tracks handled the soil conditions – even in the rain.

“There is nothing else to do in the inter-rows, as the Vimcor tracks didn’t leave any marks in the rows when it’s wet,” Alf said.

The 914mm (36-inch) Vimcor tracks on Alf’s crop sprayer has the ability to rock forward and back up to 15-deg and roll side to side up to 6-deg

Vimcor tracks have the ability to rock forward and back up to 15 degrees and roll side to side up to 6 degrees.

They also feature independent bogey wheels and a total footprint over 6m squared.

With the Vimco rock and roll systems it ensures that orchard CTF lines and drains are left in a top-notch condition

This allows the tracks to stay parallel to the ground even in uneven terrain, such as the gullies in Alf Pappalardo’s inter-rows.

“The rock and roll systems primary operation is to ensure that your CTF lines or orchards drains are left in a top-notch condition allowing water from heavy rain events to disperse as quickly as possible,” said Davimac Group relationship manager Dean Symons.

This even ground pressure also reduces wear on the tracks and improves fuel economy.

We are able to easily adjust our tracks to ensure they are both running parallel to each other.

This reduces scrubbing and is a massive increase in fuel economy when towing,” says Dean. “The heavy duty toe-in and toe-out adjusting rods allow for efficient operation and increase track life.”

Vimcor Track Systems video See this 914mm (36-inch) wide Vimcor rubber track system running on a custom-designed mango sprayer in Townsville Qld

If you have flotation or compaction issues similar to Alf’s boggy conditions, all you need for your next operation is a set of Vimcor tracks.

This will be sure to be the best investment you could make.

Save money on soil preparation and inter-row maintenance with the assurance that your implements won’t leave a mess behind you. Find out more at


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