WA Farmers say the Vasse Zone Boyanup Saleyards need urgent attention

Mike Norton, WAFarmers Vasse Zone President says livestock producers in his region say they are extremely concerned by the lack of long-term planning by the McGowan Government regarding the future of livestock saleyards in the south west of WA.

The decision by Minster MacTiernan to take control of Boyanup saleyards when the facility lease ends in June 2022 is reassuring and to be commended.

Fifteen years ago, the WA livestock industry put in place a long-term plan for the WA cattle and sheep industries. Which all political parties supported at that time.

Key livestock selling centres to be built at Muchea, Katanning, Boyanup and an upgrade of the Mount Barker saleyards.

The funding for this livestock industry decision was to be funded by the sale of Midland Saleyards’ land and assets.

This was only partly achieved with the Midland Re-development Commission trying to access some of those funds, and the old Midland Abattoir given to a brick works company at minimum cost.

This left the plan under-funded to replace the Boyanup facilities, and has left livestock producers unable to achieve the saleyard refurbishment plan as agreed.

The Vasse Zone of WAFarmers calls upon the McGowan Government as a matter of urgency to continue the industry long-term plan for centralised modern saleyards that meets current animal welfare and Occupational Health and Safety Standards at Boyanup.

WAFarmers Vasse Zone encourages the Government to purchase land now. Preferably, at the old mine site south of Boyanup.

And have that land Re-Zoned for Obnoxious Industries, not only for the development of new saleyards but for surrounding industries that fall into the same category.

The current saleyards at Boyanup are in the middle of an expanding residential town site.

Which is becoming a problem for the local community and Capel Shire Council.

As we have seen just re4cently these facilities are invaluable in times of fire emergencies and disease out breaks to handle live stock of all descriptions, and are necessary to benefit the whole community.

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