Waikato milking systems moves into cow collar health monitoring

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CowTRAQ collars offers early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery

With the release of CowTRAQ it opens the way for managers to monitor everything in this all-in-one, 24/7 cow management system

Better known for their rotary and inline milking systems dairy technology company Waikato has moved into cow collars with the launch of CowTRAQ collars and TracHQ software.

The CowTRAQ collars are under constant monitoring and as a result can offer complete heat and health checks for every cow in the herd.

With the release of Waikato’s system it allows herd manager to keep a check of each cow in the herd who in turn is identified and connected to their individual record.

Taken on an individual basis, the collars can identify each cow and keep track of their signs of heat, position, eating, rumination, standing, lying, walking and inactive behaviour 24/7.

It provides a precise and complete picture about the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of each cow and an overall picture for the performance of the herd.

This simple CowTraQ collar links all information to the TracHQ technology data base

The CowTRAQ collars will greatly improve herd performance in many areas, including reproduction results, reduce labour as well as farm management time by having health results readily available. You know what is wrong before a Vet is called.

Primarily the collars will focus on cow well-being and condition by detecting health issues earlier.

That means treatment and recovery can be more effective, fertility can improve and long-term it can reduce mortality rates.

Eventually the data the collars supply will be used to select the heathiest cows in the herd to move forward with, and save on the costs associated with cows that always seem to need a vet.

It means Dairy managers can focus resources on the right cows, at the right time, with the correct feed regime.

It’ll help farmers keep a close eye on the health, comfort and wellbeing of their animals, while increasing production using the same or fewer resources.”

Waikato’s TracHQ software translates data captured by the collars into information the operator can understand and easily view on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Everyone working on the farm can have access to information and insights on each cow as the system generates real-time and relevant alerts to help manage and control the herd.

Keep a check on your favourite cow 24/7 without leaving your cosy office and see just how the herd is performing within the guidelines the company has set

TracHQ also integrates with farm automation systems and dairy management programs. It can easily connect with the Waikato range of milking point controls, milk indicators, milk meters and milk analytical sensors.

The system can also connect with Waikato’s automated sorting system, to identify animals that are either on heat or have an alert that has been raised against their number.

TracHQ is a modular solution so upgrading to include auto sorting and integration to milking solutions and feeding in the future is simple.

It comes with a three-year, 100% replacement warranty, and graded warranty thereafter for buyers in Europe and the US. Typically, operating life is from 8 to10 years.

With CowTRAQ and TracHQ technology data will drive individual cow and herd decisions as it opens the way for managers to monitor everything in this all-in-one, 24/7 cow management system.

Take a look at the video to understand the benefits the system will provide. Click here.