Walco Spreaders can be purchased online now

Walco’s Allspread 3.50 model has a hopper capacity of 350 litres with a throw width of 18m at 15kph for Urea – log onto https://delmade.com.au/ to purchase this model online

How would you feel about owning a spreader with a reputation for doing a good job in a tough environment.

That’s the reputation Delmade’s Walco spreaders have with Australian Dairy Farmers. A tough durable brand of spreaders built to last no matter what you throw at them.

These machines are built strong, with an extra heavy-duty frame of galvanised steel, hopper and guards that are made from strong non-corrosive, UV stabilised plastic and a robust gear box, they will last the distance every time.

The most common feedback from the owners of Delmade’s Walco Spreaders across Australia is ‘reliability and consistency’. In the words of dairy farmer Sam Clarkson, “The Walco Allspread has been a great asset around the farm. We use the ATV model for fertiliser, and we’ve had it for a couple of years now and have never had any problems. We would recommend Walco Spreaders any day.”

Walco have been producing spreaders for applying fertiliser, seed and magnesium powder for over 18 years and have an extensive range of models and specifications, designed to suit each owner’s individual needs.

The Walco Allspread 6.75 PTO 3-point linkage model with hydraulic open/shut has a hpper capacity of 675-litres with a throw width of 25m running at 540rpm – log onto https://delmade.com.au/ to purchase this model online

Available models range from the 175 litre unit that can be towed by an ATV, up to the 1275 litre 3-point linkage unit. There a variety of options including a soft cover or hard lid, and hydraulic open/shut kit for shutter control.

Delmade staff say that when you purchase a Walco Spreader you are guaranteed a tough, reliable machine that does the job time after time. Minimise your wasted time on breakdowns with a spreader you know will give an excellent return on investment.

Models in the Walco Allspread range can be fitted to ATV’s or Tractors and offer product capacities from 175 to 1275-litres.

This Walco Allspread is fitted with an optional side dresser for Horticultural applications

The Walco Spreader also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want the peace of mind that comes with a reliable spreader. Visit www.delmade.com.au to browse the range.

For your convenience Delmade’s Walco Spreaders are now available to purchase online. Within Australia, they can be shipped direct to your door. Purchase your spreader at https://delmade.com.au/

For more product details call on 1800 335 623 or email: info@delmade.com.au

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