Wandin Silvan Field Days well prepared for a back to normal event in 2022

The Yarra valley will storm to life and welcome visitors from all parts of the country when it opens its gates on 14 and 15 October for the 53rd year of the event

The Yarra Valley’s much-loved Wandin Silvan Field Days will be back to showcase the best the fertile region has to offer on 14 and 15 October with all the old favourite program displays in 2022

The Wandin-Silvan Field days committee is looking forward to once again hosting their popular community event, that has become vital to many local businesses and service providers as they host an enormous number of extra visitors into region during their event.

Working with the local government the Wandin-Silvan Field days will be run as a COVID-19 safe event in 2022.

Locals and visitors alike are looking forward to the 2022 event as it is the first event since 2019 and was the first time the field days was cancelled when both the 2020 and 2021 instalments had to be cancelled.

But Wandin-Silvan Field days was not alone in that situation as almost all other Field Day and regional Show events across Australia found themselves in a similar situation in 2020 and 2021.

All that is now behind us as the local community in the Yarra valley are looking forward to returning to normal with the 53rd edition of the Wandin-Silvan Field days.

The local rural economy remains in a strong position, and many will be taking the opportunity to promote their business to regional primary producers and the general public.

Become engulfed in the local environment as volunteers work together to present their community to visitors at the Wandin Silvan Field Days 

Strategically located in the heart of the well-known and beautiful Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges region of Victoria, the Wandin-Silvan Field Days are held at the Wandin East Recreation Reserve, with participants and exhibitors from all parts of Australia in attendance.

With a unique theme of ‘Horticultural and Farm Machinery’ the committee are welcoming any new exhibitors to attend the 2022 event, especially those who have products and services that support the theme.

Committee President Brad Finger offers this invitation, “On behalf of our Committee, I would like to welcome back our long-established exhibitors along with any prospective newcomers to our 2022 event.

“Inviting your participation will ensure the continuation and success of this popular and important local community event.

“We have prepared a prospectus that contains the relevant Application Forms to be completed to register your interest in participating, along with general information regarding our event.

“We encourage you to return your entry form as early as possible to ensure your site allocation and to be a part of the Wandin Silvan Field Days.

“We’re all looking forward to a wonderful and safe event in October 2022. “Brad concluded.

Ride like a cowboy at the 2022 Wandin Silvan Field Days

About the Wandin Silvan Field days

First time visitors will find the Wandin Silvan Field Days is one of the most pleasant and relaxed events to attend, it will show the very latest farm products and ideas and the organising committee have committed to producing a safe and exciting event in 2022, and it will bring back memories of their highly successful 50th anniversary event back in 2019.

Take in the great energy when locals participate in some very popular events such as the Mount Lilydale Mercy College’s Young Farmers Club program feature.

Working in conjunction with Landmark Wandin, students from Mount Lilydale Mercy College’s Young Farmers Club will showcase their skills at the Wandin Silvan Field Days.

The students will also be running a Pet show on the Saturday, which is open to entry to children under the age of 18 to enter their own animal.

Many attend the Field days just to see the Heritage Draught Horse Club carrying on the proud traditions of bygone days

At the Wandin Silvan Field Days’ 53rd event, the Heritage Draught Horse Club will be a special attraction at the event. Members of the club will be demonstrating their superb draught horses doing what they do best – working as they did in the past taking on the hard work around the farm.

They will demonstrate draught horses pulling a range of vintage implements and vehicles and showing how these fine animals are harnessed and handled.

When you come to the Field Days, make sure you come and see them in action and get to meet these wonderful horses up close, and talk to the members about working the horses.

A very popular program feature for kids is a visit to the Animal Nursery where they will see a charming collection of furry/woolly/feathered animals and get up close enough to pat.

Many visit the Wandin Silvan Field Days to see what the Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society has been up to and for additions to their collection.

One of the popular displays at Wandin-Silvan Field Days is the Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society’s exhibition of working machinery from days gone by.

Restored by dedicated members, the sight, sound and smell of these machines from the past entertains both young and old, and many visit the Wandin Silvan Field Days to see what the Society has been up to and for additions to their collection.

See this year’s display and find inspiration from old time trades and view vintage engines rebuilt by members who have the skills, passion and knowledge of an era long ago.

The engines are operated by Preservation Society members and can be seen working on event days or for group tours by arrangement. Also on permanent display are old household items, engineering equipment and agricultural gear long forgotten.

The Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society was formed during 1988, combining the interests of a small group of enthusiasts with a common goal, the preservation and restoration of old machinery, particularly internal combustion engines.

Their members are skilled in many forms of metal working practices, including casting of metals, manufacturing replacement parts, welding and blacksmithing. These skills and interests are being passed from member to member.

The Wandin-Silvan Field Days are also the premier showcase for horticultural and agricultural producers of the Yarra Valley region and the organisers welcome exhibitor ideas and suggestions that will contribute to its ongoing success.

The Wandin Silvan Field Days provide the opportunity for exhibitors to present their diverse range of horticultural and agricultural products and services, information and demonstrations and general lifestyle product range directly to patrons.

It provides the ideal forum for exposure of businesses from not just the local region, but across Australia with exhibitors able to showcase and present new innovations and techniques making their way onto the market.

Local farmers, and primary producers always take advantage of the unique opportunity to inspect the latest in farming technology and talk directly to experts from the nation’s leading suppliers.

The principal focus of the Wandin Silvan Field Days is aimed at these many and varied local primary and agricultural producers – from orchards, nurseries, and vineyards through to hobby farmers and the general public.

The event’s committee actively encourages the participation of relevant exhibitors who are able to support the theme, with traditional exhibits.

These range from general farm machinery, light industrial equipment, motor vehicles and motor bikes, irrigation equipment and water tanks to information on the latest pest and weed control, fertilisers and chemicals and fruit packaging and labelling.

Of particular interest will be the popular General Interest Marquee which will once again provide the opportunity for a diverse range of arts and crafts, merchandise and local produce.

The Wandin Silvan Field Days is scheduled to be held on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October 2022.

Call to book an exhibition site, or arrange a group ticket booking on mobile: 0429 428 537, email: info@wandinsilvanfielddays.com.au or for more information go to: www.wandinsilvanfielddays.com.au