WANTED – Potato crop test sites for soil conditioner

After so many years of using gypsum and lime to modify soil structure, it is time to ask if there is anything new and more efficient.

The fact is, that today, a new stream of products that provide the ability to modify soil behavior so much faster is available. You now have the ability, if you want to, to increase the infiltration rate of water, to reduce the infiltration rate of water and even expel more sodium more quickly from and through your soil, as you need to.

These products, called AQUA-SIL, are made in Germany and are available from CHT Australia. They are liquids and are applied in high dilution through irrigation or planting water to the soil for the equivalent costs of what you may spend on Lime or Gypsum.

The real benefit is that you can achieve soil modification without pH change, allowing you greater freedom in crop rotation. If you really need pH change or increased calcium, then the use of lime or Gypsum becomes more efficient with AQUA-SIL treated soils. The other benefit is that by increasing the flow of water through the soil, you are more likely to disperse and release retained nutrients much more efficiently.

Whether your objective is higher soil friability, less stickiness, lower dampness on harvest or changes to water infiltration, it is time to think beyond Gypsum and lime. Once you do that a whole new dynamic of soil management opens up for you to optimize your chemical program to reduce your overall cost.

If you want to know more, make contact with CHT Australia as they are looking for farms with soil challenges for trial plantings.

They require 50 farms as a potato crop test site for their Aqua-Sil soil conditioner. The test will be over one or two hectares.

Register at www.cht.com/agriculture.trial-request or call CHT Australia direct on mobile 0448 532 395, or office direct on 03 9797 7711.