Weda smart light for piggeries

Weda’s light system indicates an animal’s feed and watering status to
let piggery workers know when an animal is off its feed and needs attention

German firm Weda has developed its Smart Light to indicate the feed and watering status of each individual pen in a piggery set up.

With the LED lamp, which is clearly visible from a distance and displays different colours, animals with a deviating feeding behaviour can be identified immediately.

This way, daily animal control gets optimised and animals that have fallen ill can be treated significantly sooner than in the past.

Colour codes display feeding status. For instance, if the pigs have consumed their feed quantity according to the feed curve, the lamp is off.

If only approximately 80 per cent of the typical feed quantity has been consumed, the Smart Light turns yellow.

The Weda Smart Light sends out colour codes to alert workers about animal health
watering status

In this case, the animals can be checked and the trough or sensor can be cleaned as necessary. If the feed quantity consumed is below 80 per cent of the feed curve, the Smart Light turns red. Workers can then act immediately.

For more information call Weda on tel: 0049 4441  8705  0, email: or see:


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