Western Australia gets what its wanted since federation – a stand-alone Kingdom

To prove the point. The annual Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum at Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA starting Monday 12 October will be for local residents only.

The WA Premier held his ground and maintained his hard border crack-down, and as a result a large crowd can now gather in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for three days of conferencing and four nights of networking. There was a two-month delay from the event’s usual time slot in early August but at least it is going ahead.

This is while Victorian residents cannot leave their caves and NSW residents are banned from their holiday homes in QLD, and much of Europe is bracing for second and third waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the US continues its lead in the death rate.

D&D forum attendees will be basking in relative calm while discussing the  runaway price rises of precious metal. At the D&D forum last year attendees were bullish about the gold reaching US$1500/oz but this year will have to decide where to stash all their cash with gold now at US$1916/oz.

Of course, non-West Australians could have attended, but only after two weeks of hard lock-down quarantine in Perth. Then at the event, one whisper about where you are from would have killed the conversation anyway.

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