Western Australian livestock co-op receives grant to develop export strategy

The $120,000 in funding will assist the WA Producers’ Co-operative Ltd to develop a collaborative export market strategy.

The Australian Government grant will support a cohort of 100 WA small livestock producers to diversify into the lucrative frozen and chilled meat export market.

The support is being made available through the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) program.

An effective strategy for collaborative exporting of chilled and frozen meat products will provide WA livestock producers with a competitive advantage to access and participate in export markets.

The project aims to drive profits for smaller exporters in WA by supporting their market diversification efforts towards the export of higher value chilled and frozen meat products.

This project will be delivered by a consortium of farmers, supply chain partners, researchers and marketing consultants.

The Co-operative will pass on the project findings through case studies delivered at industry workshops and forums.

Trade and exports is one of the seven themes in our Ag2030 plan and the PASE program is an important component in developing foundations to help industry reach its $100 billion in farmgate value by 2030 target.”

By supporting WA’s smaller agricultural exporters overcome barriers to their participation in the export sector, the Australian Government was opening access to overseas markets and helping to drive profits back through the farmgate.

When it comes to ensuring a stable, reliable export trade income for our producers, looking at ways to diversify into new markets is just so important.

The team at WA Producers’ Co-operative are fierce advocates for their members, the industry, and producers will be very interested in this initiative and the potential for it to open up new opportunities for them.

WA Producers’ Co-operative, the recipient of the $120,000 in PASE program funding, has begun mapping of supply chains to identify value chain capabilities and export opportunities.

What the PASE program funding will support

  • In 2019-20, Australia exported $11.27 billion in beef and veal, $2.7 billion in lamb meat and $1.37 billion in mutton.
  • The grant is one of 21 projects funded under the PASE program extension.
  • The PASE program was established in 2014-15 to improve market access for small exporters in the dairy, fish, eggs, grain, plant, horticulture, meat and animal product industries.
  • For more information on the program and details on previous projects go to www.agriculture.gov.au
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