WIA release next generation highly portable welders for the workshop and farm

Catch this next generation of WIA welders built with digital platforms and offering extensive functions and a 3-year warranty ideal for the rural market

WIA’s next generation welders have been released for sale and they come with advanced technology that makes them ideal for any jobs around the farm and in the workshop

For decades WIA equipment has been established as offering reliable welding solutions for farming, applications, and now, WIA’s next generation range is set to exceed the reliability and performance standards set by its predecessors.

When WIA developed their next generation range of welders, the rural sector was front of mind.

The challenges of working remotely, the importance of having reliable equipment, along with operator ease of use were all highly considered when developing this latest range.

Boasting a more robust design, and armed with up-to-date digital technology, these digital platform models offer an increased level of performance and improved reliability.

Two models added to the range, highly applicable to the rural sector, include the easily portable Weldarc 135 stick welder, and a Weldmatic 180 multi-process model.

Suitable for 10 Amp plug outlets these two models are an ideal choice for beginner to intermediate welders who deal with repair and maintenance work.

While the new Weldmatic 200+ multi-process model was also added to the range, it provides advanced operators with the most current LCD screen technology and pre-set parameters for quick set-up and easy adjustment.

Every model was completely re-developed and built using the most advanced digital technology to achieve more enhanced welding performance, precise arc waveforms, and a more stable arc control.

Product Manager Aleksandr Koshelyev explains, that when it comes to commercial welding equipment, this WIA range has it all. Each model was built to meet the expectations of welders’ needs and more.

The all-new Weldarc 145 and 185 Stick/TIG welders, for example, have been designed with a range of improvements and additional functions well suited to farming projects.

They each have a higher duty cycle than previous models, allowing them to run for a longer period at their maximum output.

They also come with VRD for safety requirements and Fan on Demand™ that activates only when the equipment reaches its maximum heating point, reducing noise and preventing a high level of dust from getting into the equipment.

Advanced operators and professionals will appreciate the new Weldarc and Weldmatic multi-process models have the added advantage of LCD screen technology while all are equally well suited to workshop and on-farm quick and easy jobbing

Additionally, they all have digital meters for precise adjustment and are IP23S-rated for added environmental safety protection.

What truly sets these models apart is Power Factor Correction (PFC) which makes them tolerant to unconditioned power when generators are used, and tolerant to being operated on long extension leads.

Like all WIA models, the weldarc 145 and 185 are built with high quality components and have a 3-year warranty (power source only), and that sets the standard for equipment in this category.

Also, well suited to rural location applications is WIA’s new Weldmatic multi-process range of welders. Each multi-process model was fully re-designed to maximise ease of use, portability, flexibility and reliability.

All models in the range come packaged with an improved MIG gun featuring a flexible gooseneck to achieve better positioning and a ball cable joint for added flexibility.

Lightweight, the smaller models have a built-in wire feeder making them extremely portable.

The Weldmatic 180 weighs only 11kg and the Weldmatic 200+ only 17kg, making them easy to transport between a workshop and any on-site locations.

Ease of use is a highlight, of these next generation models.

Both the Weldmatic 200+ and Weldmatic 250 come with LCD screen technology and offer handy pre-set parameter adjustment.

While the Weldmatic 180, Weldmatic 200 and Weldmatic 270 come with digital meters for more precise adjustment.

All these models are suitable for both workshop and outdoor applications and are able to run gas-shielded and gasless wires.

If you are looking for a new welder for a farm workshop or on-site operations, WIA offers a range of Stick, MIG and multi-process models that specially suit rural applications.

And for all maintenance and repair work take a look at the full model range including the Weldarc 135, 145, 185 and Weldmatic 180, 200, 200+, 250 and 270.

WIA’s next generation of welders is now available Australia-wide. You can view the entire range here, and contact your local stockist on this link.

Take a look at WIA Next Generation Welders in action on this link.

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Model specs for portable WIA WELDARC range