Wideland Ag departs its Case IH franchises as other dealers step up to fill the void

Wideland Ag has been part of the Case IH network since 2010, but has left its six franchises up for grabs as the future of Super dealers comes under question

Three Rivers Machinery has scored two extra Case IH dealerships overnight and is now operating the former Wideland Ag dealerships in Narromine and Gilgandra NSW, in addition to its Warren NSW branch ¬– shown here are the Three Rivers management team of, from left, Kate Whiteley, Ray Watson, Ruth Plunkett and John Plunkett

This has meant immediate expansion for other Case IH franchisees around NSW and Queensland.

Three Rivers Machinery is now operating the Case IH dealerships in Narromine and Gilgandra NSW, in addition to its Warren NSW branch.

While Kenway & Clark – with dealerships in Moree, Inverell, Wee Waa and Goondiwindi, has taken on the existing Case IH dealership in Gunnedah and will also fill the void in Tamworth by opening up a new Case IH branch there in early 2021.

As for the Toowoomba and Dalby Case IH franchises given up by Wideland Ag, alternative arrangements are currently being worked through and are expected to be confirmed later in November. 

Obviously the departure of Wideland Ag has disrupted service to some extent, considering the void in Toowoomba and Dalby has still to be filled, but Case IH has announced this as a strengthening of its dealership network.

Pete McCann, General Manager Case IH Australia/New Zealand said the new dealership arrangement is based on feedback from customers and an ongoing focus on providing the highest level of customer service across the network.

“Our dealerships are well known for their customer relationships and service capabilities and this latest round of changes will only strengthen that, with some of the strongest performers in our dealer network taking on new branch locations,” he said.

“Customers can be assured they’ll receive the highest level of service and support during and after the changeover to these new service providers.

“The dealerships expanding into these communities are proven performers within our dealership network and we know they have the tenure and experience to elevate the service levels demanded by our customer base today and into the future,” Pete said.

“While certain manufacturers prefer a dealer network made up of just a few ‘super dealers’, at Case IH we strive to have a connection with the local community through a network of locally-owned operators with a vast knowledge of the areas in which they operate and a wealth of experience when it comes to customer service and product support.

 “These six locations, once operated by one dealer, have now been reallocated to a number of exceptional existing dealer groups, ensuring we strengthen these locally-owned operators and maximise their opportunities, and those of their customers, now and into the future.

“Quality and responsive customer service is at the heart of everything we do and it’s important to us all of our customers – regardless of the size of their business – receive the personalised attention they deserve, rather than becoming lost in a corporate dealership model.”
During this changeover period, Pete said customers should contact the new Case IH dealers in their local area.

Kenway & Clark has taken on the Case IH dealership in Gunnedah and will also fill the void in Tamworth – and add these two extra outlets to its already thriving dealerships in Moree, Inverell, Wee Waa and Goondiwindi – shown here are Kenway & Clark owners, from left, James Fowles, Gemille Hayes and Peter Burey

For Tamworth customers, contact Kenway & Clark’s Gunnedah branch on tel: 02 6750 8300 with any inquiries prior to the new Tamworth branch opening, and Dalby and Toowoomba customers can call 1800 232 583 if they require assistance while the new arrangements are being confirmed.

Case IH says it is also committed to honouring all existing sales and maintenance contracts, and warranties.
“We appreciate this is a big change, and with North-West NSW and South-West Queensland on the cusp of a busy harvest season, we know it’s a critical time.

“But we believe these changes are for the benefit of our customers, and the dealer network as a whole, and we thank customers in advance for their understanding and ongoing support,” Pete McCann said.


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