Williamson-Agri develops curved tine rippers for hard pans


This Williamson-Agri CT ripper 3-point linkage 6 tine model is easy to get around – but if you have tractor power up to 441kW (600hp) a 12 tine configuration can cut across 6m (20ft) in the one-pass.

Farmers dealing with Williamson-Agri will find a low-stress sales process forms part of their introduction to a range of efficient deep rippers that offer the disruption required for getting rid of profit-robbing hard pans.

If you take a look at how Williamson-Agri was formed it gives an insight into how practical the development of its deep ripper came about.

The ripper grew from the intersecting interests of its founder, Frank Williamson.

Frank had a passion for farming, especially intensive production systems and soil tillage, which he combined with a keen eye for machinery that needed to be especially design for this purpose.

When Frank moved from Lincolnshire UK to Australia in 1980, as a fourth-generation farmer with his wife Rosemary and eldest son Adam He became a ‘ground-breaker’ in so many ways and he loved to think differently about all things agriculture.

The implements and farm machines Frank went on to build reflect his inventiveness and aptitude for solving problems at the ground roots.

After Frank’s passing in 2018, Rosemary and Adam made the choice to honour his memory and continue Williamson-Agri.

Rosemary is based in Toowoomba Qld and oversees the construction, design and delivery of Williamson-Agri’s feedlot machinery.

While Adam is responsible for the development and demonstration of Williamson-Agri’s innovative curved-tine subsoil ripper from his base in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Both are keen to continue Frank’s legacy of designing solutions for the unique needs of local farmers.

Williamson-Agri has developed their CT ripper range by combining current European innovations, but then adding the required rugged Australian construction to efficiently solve any hard pan issues.

At Williamson-Agri, through their own farming ventures they fully understand the pressures of  farming and know they have to offer machines that will increase a farms profitability, while making sure it adds to or retains the health of the soil.

Enter the curved tine

There is a noticeable point of difference with the Williamson-Agri CT ripper range, it has adopted the best of European-crafted curved tines.

According to Williamson-Agri this offers a range of benefits over conventional tine rippers.

Firstly, preliminary results from paddock trials are showing that Williamson-Agri rippers maintain a superior seedbed over their conventional rivals.

The narrow 15mm hardened steel shank is engineered to reduce top-soil disturbance, leaving a more level seedbed for accurate seed placement and consistent germination.

The most distinctive function of the Williamson-Agri CT rippers are how the laterally curved tines, are able to exert sideways force on difficult hard pans.

The end result is maximal subsoil movement and fracturing of the hard pan, allowing effective use of moisture and root growth.

This is also important in the breakdown of chemical barriers on the pan that often exist in modern farming systems.

An additional benefit of the 15mm tine is to maintain residual organic matter on the soil surface, reducing risk of erosion from both wind and water.

Williamson-Agri CT rippers excel in sandy soils and the company has received plenty of positive feedback after trials with Mallee Sustainable Farmers and the University of South Australia.

Another interesting finding from preliminary paddock trials was fuel efficiency.

Williamson-Agri CT rippers offer fuel savings of up to 15% compared to conventional tine rippers, and this represents a significant operational cost saving.

The unique curved tine design blends efficiency with effectiveness; an efficient workhorse that can dive aggressively into the hardest of soils.

Williamson-Agri has made sure the frame and clamps are built strongly to withstand the toughest local rugged ground conditions.

Available now

For this season, growers and Ag contractors will be able to order Williamson-Agri CT rippers in 4 to 12 tine configurations and be able to cover up to 6m (20ft) in the one-pass.

These rippers are available in either 3-point linkage or as trailed drawbar models.

They are ideally matched with tractors power from of 88 to 441kW (120 to 600hp).

And in addition, there is still time to have your CT ripper custom made to any specification to suit a particular requirement.

Standard models are built with 9 mm wall RHS for the frame, while the tine clamps are made from 28mm plate. Impressive 29mm (1 1/8-inch) bolts hold the clamps to the frame.

Tines are made from Boron steel for the utmost flexibility and strength.

Technical information on the CT ripper range is available at www.williamsonagri.com.au or contact Adam in the Hunter Valley NSW on tel: 0409 367 887 or Rosemary in SE Queensland on tel: 0423 680 019.


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