WiSA system moves ahead in automation race for farm irrigation

With more than 28 years of developing automated systems for farm irrigation WISA has now established the most viable solutions

With the WiSA system it has allowed growers to take advantage of the most current and effective irrigation solutions proven to help increase yields and save on input costs

Local understanding and management solutions already proven effective when irrigating have led WiSA Farm & Irrigation Automation to supply the most reliable systems for farm operations.

Established in 1996, WiSA is a wholly Australian owned family business that designs and manufactures high-quality automation software here in Australia for local users.

Their all-Australian designs help farmers irrigate, fertigate, monitor soil, gather weather data, monitor channels and a host of related farm management tasks.

WiSA takes pride in its philosophy of only supplying the best components and systems to irrigators for the best value and ongoing reliability. The company and staff have been operating with this in mind from the beginning and as a result, several customers are still operating systems from over 20 years ago, with updates along the way to keep everything current.

The simple, robust design of WiSA units mean that basic servicing and repairs can be undertaken by the customers themselves. However, for more complex issues and diagnoses, WISA can be requested to remotely log in to identify and often rectify errors without disruption to work being conducted on farm.

WiSA has a major advantage in that they use our own proprietary high-quality PC boards manufactured in Australia. The hardware for their paddock unit assemblies is all engineered and manufactured locally.

WiSA has determined to stay Australian made and assemble, distribute, and service the full product range from a purpose built factory and administration offices in Echuca VIC.

Standard communication methods for the WiSA system use radio signals from a local base station and as such is not reliant on mobile towers or third parties to ensure reliability and continuity of service.

To save money for irrigators, the WiSA system does not require an ongoing subscription or separate SIM cards for components.

However, to keep up with demand, WiSA has recently developed the further option of a cloud-based, comprehensive farm management system at a subscription rate for large-scale operations that want to reduce on-farm staff.

But WiSA points out this service is entirely optional, and more ideal for an operation that wants to reduce overall running costs. This system is purpose built to scale and is affordable as it uses WiSA infrastructure and systems already in place.

While this service is fully integrated, it runs independently for each operation and has the surety of the proven dependability of the WiSA system as a failsafe for activating any critical irrigating events.

WiSA offers the benefit of a wide range of options starting with simple irrigation and moving up to full farm management software as well as any customisation in between.

WiSA Aqualink software can integrate any number of in-paddock units and provide a consistent user interface due to its simple and easy-to-use design

WiSA has developed Aqualink to enable growers to perform all functions required to monitor and control their irrigation and environmental sensors.

AquaLink ensures that the irrigation system is performing at its most efficient by monitoring flow meters, pressure sensors, flow switches and other electrical sensors continuously.

Sensors can be linked to specific valves and pumps, and total flow can be checked against the current set of valves open. Powerful, user definable macros within AquaLink allow users to determine exactly what action, if any is to be taken if a problem does occur.

The software can integrate any number of paddock units, providing a consistent user interface regardless of size. Its simple, easy to use design allows growers to fully utilise this powerful tool, using as little as 4 probes and 4 valves or for a very large system.

Aqualink provides alerts and warnings via e-mail, SMS or direct dial. Users are updated with any issues or events immediately.

With the WiSA Intelligent Irrigation System a lot more components can all be integrated to trigger events and give any farm operation the best outcome

By continually monitoring weather and environmental conditions, AquaLink can respond instantly to situations such as frost, high temperature and high wind. Any sensor connected to the system can initiate a priority or protective irrigation event.

And protection doesn’t stop there, as the Intelligent Irrigation System can also operate wind generators, heaters or any other equipment designed to protect crops. It runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week ensuring that crops are continually protected.

In manual mode, the system functions as a fully configurable data logger, downloading data from the paddock units, and presenting the information as required. Valves and pumps will only start when the user indicates and will remain open until the grower closes them with a click of the mouse.

In semi-automatic mode, it expands into the most configurable and flexible timer on the market. Fully functional programming and flexible start times give growers the ability to irrigate as required.

In fully automatic mode, growers are provided with total irrigation management, responding instantly to the changing conditions, and continually maintaining the desired growing conditions with a speed and precision unrivalled by any other irrigation management system.

WiSA is a wholly Australian owned family business that manufactures high quality irrigation and water control systems for farm operations

WiSA extensive supply range

Talk freely to WiSA about all your requirements including pumps, fertigation, tank levels, channel sensors, flow meters, weather stations, soil moisture probes as well as a system to suit your unique operation.

Speak with WiSA today about how they can help you save time and labour, fuel and water as well as being more efficient through increased productivity with the resources at hand.

Call direct on tel: 1300 887 380, or email: sales@irrigatewisa.com.au or see more on how WiSA can help you on this link.

How an automated WiSA system works