WMI Feeders include operator feedback in the design for a world beating result

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With one of the highest ground clearances in the industry and bale rippers that are immune from direct damage has placed WMI Elite round bale feeder in strong demand

The WMI Elite round bale feeder can carry up to two bales at a time. It feeds out hay or silage and is 2.3 metres wide, 4.6 metres long, 1.2 metres high, and weighs 960 kilograms

WMI Feeders has reached a 700 unit sales tally with the help of two export sales as the company’s models gain well deserved recognition for their extra strong build.

Two Elite units hold the record as the first WFM models to be sold into the international agricultural market.

The Elite round bale feeder is a very popular model as it is capable of carrying up to two bales at a time. It can be used to feed out hay or silage and can handle large round bales with ease.

The Elite is blessed with a strong, robust design, has a high ground clearance and is user-friendly when it comes to maintenance. This model also has a versatile loading system with collapsible forks for safety, and rippers that travel over the top of the chassis to reduce component damage.

The Elite feeder is 2.3 metres wide, 4.6 metres long, 1.2 metres high, and weighs just under a tonne at 960 kilograms. 

WMI Feeders started out as Willies Manufacturing Industries based in Warrnambool VIC and has been manufacturing single bale feeders since 2011.

As the company gained experience building the units, designer owner Jason Willie says it was soon realised hay and feed producers needed the capacity of a two-bale feeder to complete the task in half the time.

The company set about designing a two-bale model and soon found they needed to add some special touches to make the model unique and work even better.

Part of the redesign incorporated a position change for the ripper bars that were now positioned above the chassis rather than below. This change immediately meant the ripper bars could more easily break he bales down while working across all types of terrain.

This design change was a breakthrough for Elite models as they were now more adaptable for livestock producers as the increased ground clearance allowed previously rough ground to be traversed.

One of WMI’s biggest model the Champion can feed out 6 round bales is 2.3 metres wide, 9.7 metres long, 1.5 metres high, and has a dry weigh of 2.12 tonnes

The change also meant all the components were position well away from rough ground and therefore less susceptible to damage.

During the re-design process it was decided to make the feeder narrower and this set the Elite at a mere 2.3 metres and much easier to manoeuvre during feeding out.

Another reason WMI Feeders has moved into a leading position within the feeding market is the feedback the company received from operators and then put into the final design.

These changes over the original models include the addition of fitting high flotation wider tyres and installing two bin baskets on the front of the unit.

Jason Willie added that the company was always willing to take onboard operator feedback and include some elements into the design if it will improve the feeders in any way.

Certain design advantages prompt buyers to choose a WMI-built feeder. The WMI models require minimal upkeep and when maintenance is necessary, such as chain tensioning, it’s made very easy thanks to the unit’s design.

WMI’s range includes the Elite Round Bale Feeder, the Pa-Mick Square and Round Bale and silage Feeder, the Champion is available as a 4 or 6 Round Bale Feeder, while the largest machine in the range,the Albybone can feed out 6 or 8 square bales or 5 or 7 round bales.

Even larger high-spec models can also be built to any special order.

WMI Feeders have dealers in all regions, ideally placed to serve local livestock producers, and in some cases these dealers have stock in their yards, ready for delivery.

All WMI Feeder models are Australian made for local conditions and are competitively priced. Farmers are encouraged to compare the quality and strength of WMI’s feeders as they pass the test every time.

For more information on the model range or how to order from your local dealer, call WMI on tel: 03 5560 5713, email: sales@wmifeeders.com.au or see the full range at www.wmifeeders.com.au