W&P Pumps offers the best industry product range backed by 24/7 service

By dealing with W&P Pumps you can make sure you are selecting the right pump and piping for the task every time

W&P Pumps stands out for its wide range of professional services including a full complement of products to cover every brand and application of pivot or lateral irrigator regardless of brand. The W&P Pumps team is on standby 24 hours across seven days a week to fix any problems associated with breakdowns on any pumps and controllers, unexpected shutdowns and any breaks in a pipeline system

W&P Pumps holds a unique position in the pump industry as the company started as just a small family business in 1986 and has since grown its customer base to a point where the business needs 25-plus full time staff to handle all their installations.

And W&P is not stopping there as the company is currently appointing more resellers to increase its reach into new areas where it is also offering spray irrigation product ranges not available previously.

Company founder Wayne Surplice now offers over 35 years of industry experience and during that time installations have changed considerably and today the W&P staff can offer the surety to manage pump installations better than any other competitor.

Farmers that haven’t upgraded in a number of years will be pleasantly surprised to find the latest systems are more automated and as a result save valuable time and energy by being able to remote start.

Further changes made possible with the latest product releases sees a move to more dependable polyethylene pipes that cuts costs and also helps to make management more efficient by using less water.

W&P has the experience to move farmers away from high usage channel irrigation to much more efficient set-ups where the water is instantly available by turning on a pump and getting the water immediately to where it is needed.

W&P Pumps is led by founder Wayne Surplice shown here installing a pump for an extensive pipeline operation where the team designed the application and supplied all material then certified all poly welds with a HDPE Poly Buttfusion recording system that tracked the work quality from raw material level to the final flow check-off

These improvements have been made possible by W&P’s extensive design knowledge in installing piping and risers that are far more efficient.

In addition to standard pumping and piping installation, W&P are now offering a full design service for irrigators that run pivots and want to install or upgrade drip irrigation systems.

And while Wayne Surplice says they are still the experts in flood irrigation, any farmer that wants to shift to spray irrigation will find the company offers the latest product releases available.

With the ability to supply a custom-built design to farmers has increased the W&P reach to new customers exponentially as getting the right equipment for the task is the very starting point and the way that Wayne Surplice and his team gains extra business.

Customer satisfaction is the way W&P has managed to increase their operation each year, and it all starts with making sure the right equipment from pumps, piping and sprinklers are all ideal for the result the farmer expects.

W&P designers will run through an exhausting list of just where a farmer is expecting to pump water, and at what intervals and just how far, all have to be taken into consideration. W&P designers will often build in extra capacity and overstate the requirement to ensure the system will cater for extra growth.

W&P Pumps has been building Pumpsets for over 35 years and are now experts in the design and fabricate and are the best versed to meet exact requirement of the task required for a reliable long-term outcome

It is much cheaper to include more capacity at the design stage, than have the farmer come back later after installation with extra requirements that will be more costly to add.

By getting the configuration right at the very start will also allow the operation to run much more efficiently. For instance, the pump and pipe size can be calculated for longevity, and to avoid any friction occurring and any unnecessary wear that can result from poor system design.

With the design team at W&P Pumps’ behind the installation, farmers will avoid selecting the wrong type of pump for the job, and will also get the correct suction lines specification, once again avoiding any issues that could damage the pump impeller.

Plenty of farmers become familiar with damage to pump bearings when they upgrade their pumping volume without taking into account the existing suction lines are not adequate for the extra volume.

This is where the benefit of dealing with an experience pump manufacturer and supplier come to the fore.

W&P Pumps suffered their own breakdowns in equipment when they first started over 35 years ago, but now have the experience to avoid costly repairs as they now know what makes a reliable pump business work.

The W&P Pumps team has extended their extensive knowledge pool to include the supply and installation of irrigation systems using FieldWise Pump monitors that are compatible with most flow meters and offer remote data to any other device including an end tower pivot monitor. In the event your pivot shuts down, a command is sent from the portal to stop the pump

The engines in a W&P pump are built with well-known reliable components and are equipped with larger capacity radiators that would normally be found in other markets, all because of the extra higher temperatures they have to endure in our local conditions.

A further level of technology farmers can add to their W&P pump is 4G monitoring control that allows for remote operation.

In addition, the pump-sets are all fitted with a Smartgen watchdog pump control system that makes them more durable and includes automatic start and stop, as well as data measurement and alarm protection.

And when it comes to servicing a W&P pump, the company has spent considerable time to ensure their pumps are easy to manage and the build includes a flexible hose that makes it possible to drain the oil easily.

W&P Pumps have been installing pipelines for over 20 years, and the experienced team can design, supply, weld and configure any pipeline project to any specification. W&P poly welders are certified in HDPE Poly Buttfusion

W&P Pumps has increased its market reach over the past 35 years because the company has been able to provide farmers with equipment that can keep up with increased productivity demands.

And in doing so has built up a reputation of being able to build entire systems that are reliable and get the job done for farmers.

This focus on product reliability also relates to ongoing customer service and being able to supply spare parts quickly. In addition, the W&P dealer network offer a 7-days a week, 24-hour breakdown service along with the understanding the customer has to keep their job moving.

W&P Pumps carries pretty much every part in stock for its complete range of pumps including engine parts, pipes and filtration systems.

For the service you deserve from your next pumping and irrigation application, contact W&P Pumps today on 03 5853 2653, email: sales@wppumps.com or see the full product range on the W&P website on this link.